Success Stories

We are known internationally for helping our members experience incredible, life-changing results. Read the following successes and be inspired by their stories. If you take action today, you could be one of our success stories too!

Featured Client - Jeff's fitness journey is inspiring, he has come so far!

Jeff Carrier

"I began my fitness journey in September 2017. I think the main reason was I wanted to be able to open a bag of chips easily. Lol. I was in really poor shape. I started an over 5- Crossfit 12-week program. I altered my diet by giving up sugar, dairy, and bread. I also wanted to eat as clean and healthy as I could. I immediately shed 10 pounds within the first 3 weeks so I stayed the course with the diet restrictions. It was actually easier than I thought it would be. I really miss eating a whole ... " Read more and be inspired

"The payoff has been life-changing. I spend my winters now skiing a few times per week and now after working out, I can do back to back bell to bell days on the mountain and not feel much soreness at all."

AUGUST 01, 2019

Featured Client - Focus - Lindsay has stayed FOCUSED on her goals!

Lindsay Kolar

"I've been through some ups and downs, both in weight and in life, but the positive encouragements I've received from everyone at NWPT has kept me going! Around 2012, I was in the best shape of my life, running the Girlfriend's Half Marathon, participating in Warrior Dash, cycling events such as Reach the Beach and Ride Around Clark Co. Also in 2012, I returned to work after staying home with my children while they were in grade school. As you know, sitting is the worst thing for our bodies and m... " Read more and be inspired

"I've been through some ups and downs, both in weight and in life, but the positive encouragements I've received from everyone at NWPT has kept me going!"

JUNE 01, 2019

Featured Client: Consistency - Nicole's consistency is paying off!

Nicole Peveler

"I was a client at NWPT several years ago but ended up taking some time off. I came back to NWPT the Fall of 2018 and asked Molly to be my trainer again. She made me feel so comfortable in the studio. I always hated going to the gym alone and working out with the weights. With her help, I gained the confidence I needed and it made the workouts fly by because we talked the entire time. 

I have definitely noticed a difference in how I look and how strong I am. I told Molly at the beginn
... " Read more and be inspired

"It's amazing how much weight I can now lift and I also stand up straighter. My go-to comfortable work-out shirts in an XL are baggy on me and now I am in a small."

MAY 01, 2019

Featured Client: Energy - Ying always has a smile on her face and we love her Energetic spirit!

Ying Jacobs

"I have been coming to NWPT since we moved from Seattle in 2016. It is truly a gem in downtown Vancouver. I quite enjoy the variety of classes provided each day. All the trainers carefully design and plan their classes. They make the classes fun, engaging, and challenging. 

Sometimes, I might cheat a little and not push myself hard enough in a group class setting occasionally. However, when I am training with Derrick in a one on one setting, I appreciate the focused attention that mak
... " Read more and be inspired

"It is super rewarding to see incremental improvement over time. I can lift heavier, hold a plank longer and ride further."

APRIL 01, 2019

Commitment, Tyler has really committed himself to his workouts at NWPT.

Tyler Brinkman


This is what I was hoping to find at NWPT. I started coming to NWPT a little over 7 months ago. I work nearby and was aware that there was some sort of fitness center nearby because occasionally a group of sweaty(but happy looking) folks would run by. I had been a "member" at a couple other gyms in the area on and off for the last 10 years. My waist measurement was a reflection of my attendance and motivation levels at those gyms. 

A coworker told me about on
... " Read more and be inspired

"I haven't felt this fit or strong in over 15 years."

FEBRUARY 01, 2019

Featured Client - Talk about commitment!

Mike Taylor

"Late in 2011, I was declared obese by my doctor. At first, I was shocked, then disgusted with myself. I'd always been pretty athletic. Football, swimming, Tae Kwon Do, fly fishing but as I got older and focused on my career and business those things sort of lost priority in my life. I gained the weight and lost the fitness. 

Over the pre-NWPT years, I tried every diet in the book and promised myself that I was going to get more exercise and be more physically fit. I even tried making
... " Read more and be inspired

"It worked! Within a couple of years I had lost 40lbs and have kept it off, my fitness level and balance are much improved!"

JANUARY 01, 2019

Featured Client

Tawni Delanoy

"I have been a member of Northwest Personal Training for 12 years now. Throughout my journey here I have been trained and pushed by many trainers. This training has shown me that my limits are higher than I thought they were. My endurance has increased, my body has shown results and my health has improved with the trainers' influence. Each trainer here at NWPT has their own set of skills that I admire. They have meant a lot to me in my health journey by understanding my goals and helping me achie... " Read more and be inspired

"This training has shown me that my limits are higher than I thought they were. My endurance has increased, my body has shown results and my health has improved with the trainers' influence."

DECEMBER 01, 2018

Featured Client - What an Inspiration!

Joe Markee

"There are three things I am passionate about:

My Family The work that our family and friends have done in Haiti for the past 35 years What NW Personal Training has done for me I started coming to NW Personal Training a long time ago. It was a fit for me from my first visit. Still is. My daughter Taryn and I really enjoy working out together on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30 am. It is a great way to start the day!

I think I have worked out with about every
... " Read more and be inspired

"My daughter Taryn and I really enjoy working out together on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30 am. It is a great way to start the day!"

NOVEMBER 01, 2018

New Attitude for Life!

Kevin Roberts

"Less than a year ago I was overweight with dangerously high blood pressure and a depressed attitude. I have been on and off workout programs for many years. These self-directed training sessions and weight loss regimens lasted a short period of time before going back to old bad habits - habits that exhibited an unbalanced life that negatively impacted my physical and mental health. 

I'm very fortunate to have a wife (also a client of NWPT!) who booted my rear into Northwest Personal
... " Read more and be inspired

"This summer I went water skiing for the first time in 20 years and surfing for the first time ever"

OCTOBER 01, 2018

Featured Client -

Pam Floyd

"Five months ago, in March 2018, I was in so much chronic pain, I had to use a cane or shopping cart to walk more than 10 minutes. I had a ruptured disk, a back injury from 25 years ago, arthritis, congestive heart failure, depression, anxiety disorder, plus I was pre-diabetic and 190 pounds. 

I had to use a back strap support to do chores in 10-minute intervals until the pain became too much. I had daily chronic pain all over my body that hurt so much when I moved, that I just sat on
... " Read more and be inspired

"I now also take yoga and barre classes and have made so many new friends at NWPT. I also meditate every morning."

SEPTEMBER 01, 2018

Featured Client - Reaching Towards Success

Becky Rogerson

"I wasn't your typical "big girl." Oh, I certainly qualified for that title at 300 pounds for at least a decade... but I didn't see myself as that big. I felt like I took up a lot of physical space but I didn't see a big girl in the mirror. I didn't hate myself. I was reasonably active, ate reasonably well, but couldn't seem to lose the weight. 

I spent a ton of time at the gym swimming, biking, running, and on the elliptical but not doing a lot of strength training. It was boring to
... " Read more and be inspired

"I've gained strength and mobility I didn't know was missing."

AUGUST 01, 2018

Featured Client - Breaking Barriers & Getting on Track!

Echo Langley

"I had never been one who enjoyed physical exercise. I never played sports and the only light that saw my face was the light of the refrigerator. When I turned 65, Medicare said they would pay for me to go to the gym so I went to the "big box" gyms they paid for. They had the equipment and the classes. They had pools and peppy music. I never went more than twice. 

When I couldn't walk around the block without panting and wheezing, when I was falling on a fairly frequent basis, when I
... " Read more and be inspired

"Since that day, the Saturday before Thanksgiving 2017, I have never felt alone on this journey to health."

JULY 01, 2018

Featured Client -

Ruby Grendahl

"About four years ago, I lost two key people in my life, which made me think about my own mortality. At that time, my grand-daughter encouraged me to join a local gym with her; which I did. 

In the Fall of 2017, I felt like I needed additional (professional) help in gaining upper boy and core strength. I had been reading Sherri's weekly column, so I decided to check it out, and join NWPT.

I enjoy coming to NWPT. I always look forward to what is in store for me. I feel stronger
... " Read more and be inspired

"I feel stronger and have so much more energy than I've had in a long time."

JUNE 01, 2018

Annie Brooks

"After graduating from college, 30lbs heavier than when I started, I tried out a variety of fitness programs, hoping to lose the extra weight that I had gained. Throughout the process, I experienced a lot of frustration, self-doubt, and ultimately, more weight gain. I found myself with my weight at an all-time high. I was asked to be a bridesmaid in a wedding and I finally decided that I needed some guidance from a professional.

I wanted a more comprehensive approach than what I felt
... " Read more and be inspired

"I was terrified. Terrified of being judged, of wasting money, of failing AGAIN, of embarrassing myself and man, I couldn't have been more wrong!"

MAY 01, 2018

Talk about Dedication!

Cirith Anderson-Sebree

"I've been an NWPT client on-and-off since 2007. I became serious about personal training in 2015 recuperating from a self-inflicted back injury at the gym. The injury was a jarring realization that my current workout routine (same one I used for the last two decades) was not optimized for my then 41-year-old body.

Enter Judith. In tandem with physical therapy, Judith customized stretching and strength programs, which rehabilitated my back and rebalanced my body musculature. After physical
... " Read more and be inspired

"Even in my most unmotivated and exhausted states, I transform when I step into the NWPT studio. I enter a world of positivity, levity, and fun!"

APRIL 01, 2018

Featured Client!

Traci Coleman

"I'm relatively new to NWPT, working with one of the trainers (Nathan!!!) consistently since around September 2017. I'm someone that has tried several different types of exercise modalities over the recent years, and I have struggled to find something that I felt safe doing and that was a genuinely good fit and sustainable for me and my lifestyle on a long-term basis. 

I contacted NWPT and signed up for the personal training sessions for several reasons, the main one being that I
... " Read more and be inspired

"Several months into working with Nathan, I can share with confidence that I have a family and team of people at NWPT that are supporting me and cheering me on every step of the way."

MARCH 01, 2018

Featured Client

Elizabeth Clarkson

"Several years ago I joined Northwest Personal Training because I realized I wasn't getting the results I wanted from my own self-directed workouts. My body was changing with age and I didn't know how to deal with it. I knew I didn't want to join a franchise health club with paint by the number workout routines. I wanted personal attention. I wanted someone to guide me on how to workout to achieve my personal goals, even help me set those goals. Like most middle-aged women, my expectations o... " Read more and be inspired

"I believe working out, eating well and managing my stress is key to remaining healthy and viable as I age. NWPT supports that approach, with real life, practical guidance, and support."

FEBRUARY 01, 2018

Voted "Most Inspirational Story" in 2017

Tom Hagley

"I checked myself into the E.R. at Legacy Salmon Creek with chest pains, but that wasn’t the only reason I decided to join Northwest Personal Training. Two other self-awakening, rear-end-kicking, and ultimately life-changing experiences motivated me to invest in my health and fitness.

In my late 30s, as a way of coping with stress, I developed a bad habit of eating super-sized lunches in restaurants every single day. They were my refuge, places where I could escape from
... " Read more and be inspired

"I went home and told my wife that I was unhappy and that I had to change. She gave me a gift certificate for a trial membership at NWPT."

JANUARY 01, 2018

Featured Client - Nicole is so strong and works so hard!

Nicole Ableidinger

"I have always heard wonderful things about Northwest Personal Training, but for years found many excuses not to try it: "It's too expensive. It's too far away. I'm not a runner/swimmer/cyclist. I'm not a serious athlete."

My husband joined a Spring Makeover Challenge a few years ago, and after he tried some personal training and some group fitness classes, he told me that it was a place I would love. But at the time, I had a corporate gym membership, and that was fine with me. Not to ment
... " Read more and be inspired

"It's hard to admit, but when I take time each day to focus on my own health, it's a little easier to be a better wife, mother, friend and a better "me" because I have the energy and the clear head to tackle what the day brings. "

DECEMBER 01, 2017

Featured Client - Teresa has come so far!

Teresa Pauletto

"After twenty years of being pretty sedentary, I knew I needed help. I was worried about my balance and how a fall could cause serious injury.

Leah has been by my side from day one. Encouraging and challenging me every step of the way. I am healthy and strong and have been able to have fun with my grandchildren.

NWPT has changed my life!

I have been able to travel with Medical Teams International, as a non-medical helper to Uganda, Guatemala, and Cambodia. I have also gone to
... " Read more and be inspired

"NWPT has changed my life!"

NOVEMBER 01, 2017


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