Success Stories

We are known internationally for helping our members experience incredible, life-changing results. Read the following successes and be inspired by their stories. If you take action today, you could be one of our success stories too!

Angie has our attention! She is working hard on her health and wellness. Keep it up, Angie!

Angie Brown

“I have participated in numerous WHY racing events over the years. My first experience with NWPT was last summer when I participated in the Outdoor Bootcamp. I loved the experience. I received a 30-day unlimited group class and took advantage of my 30 days. After that 30 days, I signed up so I could keep…

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Dedication to exercises pays in many ways.

Tracy New

“I have been a client of NWPT since the first day they opened. All of the trainers here are awesome and I have worked out with some of them at one point or another. I work out with Rob mostly because I had trained with him at a different gym. Growing up exercise was never…

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We have loved watching Katie grow over the years!

Katie Palludan

“I have been a client of NW Personal Training for 7 years now. I’ve worked with almost every trainer at one point or another, but the trainers that I work most regularly with are Rob Cloke and Cody McHaney. I’ve known Rob for years, even before I came to NWPT for Personal Training. His oldest…

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Peter has worked hard to be where he is today!

Peter Tuck

“I have always been active, keeping myself in shape through rugby, soccer, Aussie rules, triathlons amongst other things. I have also eaten pretty well, keeping my weight in the good to reasonable range throughout my life. All told I considered myself to be in good to great health. It was a big shock when, just…

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Working Out Together Is Motivating!

Sarah & Rye McNeil

“We lead busy lives, and with our kids and careers demanding so much of our time, its easy for us to put off coming into workout and doing what we need to in order to be healthy. We love that working with Scott helps keeps us focused and motivated, and by doing partner training, we…

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Philip has shown courage and determination over the years!

Philip Hodapp

“On August 4, 1997, at the “ripe old age” of 36 years old, I was informed that the symptoms that I had been struggling with for the previous 5 years were the result of my having Parkinson’s Disease. I was told to expect to be in a nursing home needing care to survive within 5…

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Jeff's fitness journey is inspiring, he has come so far!

Jeff Carrier

“I began my fitness journey in September 2017. I think the main reason was I wanted to be able to open a bag of chips easily. Lol. I was in really poor shape. I started an over 5- Crossfit 12-week program. I altered my diet by giving up sugar, dairy, and bread. I also wanted…

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Focus - Lindsay has stayed FOCUSED on her goals!

Lindsay Kolar

“I’ve been through some ups and downs, both in weight and in life, but the positive encouragements I’ve received from everyone at NWPT has kept me going! Around 2012, I was in the best shape of my life, running the Girlfriend’s Half Marathon, participating in Warrior Dash, cycling events such as Reach the Beach and…

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Consistency - Nicole's consistency is paying off!

Nicole Peveler

“I was a client at NWPT several years ago but ended up taking some time off. I came back to NWPT the Fall of 2018 and asked Molly to be my trainer again. She made me feel so comfortable in the studio. I always hated going to the gym alone and working out with the…

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Energy - Ying always has a smile on her face and we love her Energetic spirit!

Ying Jacobs

“I have been coming to NWPT since we moved from Seattle in 2016. It is truly a gem in downtown Vancouver. I quite enjoy the variety of classes provided each day. All the trainers carefully design and plan their classes. They make the classes fun, engaging, and challenging. Sometimes, I might cheat a little and…

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Commitment, Tyler has really committed himself to his workouts at NWPT.

Tyler Brinkman

“Commitment. This is what I was hoping to find at NWPT. I started coming to NWPT a little over 7 months ago. I work nearby and was aware that there was some sort of fitness center nearby because occasionally a group of sweaty(but happy looking) folks would run by. I had been a “member” at…

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Talk about commitment!

Mike Taylor

“Late in 2011, I was declared obese by my doctor. At first, I was shocked, then disgusted with myself. I’d always been pretty athletic. Football, swimming, Tae Kwon Do, fly fishing but as I got older and focused on my career and business those things sort of lost priority in my life. I gained the…

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Tawni Delanoy

“I have been a member of Northwest Personal Training for 12 years now. Throughout my journey here I have been trained and pushed by many trainers. This training has shown me that my limits are higher than I thought they were. My endurance has increased, my body has shown results and my health has improved…

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What an Inspiration!

Joe Markee

“There are three things I am passionate about: My Family The work that our family and friends have done in Haiti for the past 35 years What NW Personal Training has done for me I started coming to NW Personal Training a long time ago. It was a fit for me from my first visit….

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New Attitude for Life!

Kevin Roberts

“Less than a year ago I was overweight with dangerously high blood pressure and a depressed attitude. I have been on and off workout programs for many years. These self-directed training sessions and weight loss regimens lasted a short period of time before going back to old bad habits – habits that exhibited an unbalanced…

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Pam Floyd

“Five months ago, in March 2018, I was in so much chronic pain, I had to use a cane or shopping cart to walk more than 10 minutes. I had a ruptured disk, a back injury from 25 years ago, arthritis, congestive heart failure, depression, anxiety disorder, plus I was pre-diabetic and 190 pounds. I…

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Reaching Towards Success

Becky Rogerson

“I wasn’t your typical “big girl.” Oh, I certainly qualified for that title at 300 pounds for at least a decade… but I didn’t see myself as that big. I felt like I took up a lot of physical space but I didn’t see a big girl in the mirror. I didn’t hate myself. I…

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Breaking Barriers & Getting on Track!

Echo Langley

“I had never been one who enjoyed physical exercise. I never played sports and the only light that saw my face was the light of the refrigerator. When I turned 65, Medicare said they would pay for me to go to the gym so I went to the “big box” gyms they paid for. They…

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Ruby Grendahl

“About four years ago, I lost two key people in my life, which made me think about my own mortality. At that time, my grand-daughter encouraged me to join a local gym with her; which I did. In the Fall of 2017, I felt like I needed additional (professional) help in gaining upper boy and…

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Annie Brooks

“After graduating from college, 30lbs heavier than when I started, I tried out a variety of fitness programs, hoping to lose the extra weight that I had gained. Throughout the process, I experienced a lot of frustration, self-doubt, and ultimately, more weight gain. I found myself with my weight at an all-time high. I was…

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