Kevin Roberts

"This summer I went water skiing for the first time in 20 years and surfing for the first time ever!"

New Attitude for Life!

“Less than a year ago I was overweight with dangerously high blood pressure and a depressed attitude. I have been on and off workout programs for many years. These self-directed training sessions and weight loss regimens lasted a short period of time before going back to old bad habits – habits that exhibited an unbalanced life that negatively impacted my physical and mental health.

I’m very fortunate to have a wife (also a client of NWPT!) who booted my rear into Northwest Personal Training’s Salmon Creek facility in December of 2017. We started doing weekly Partner Training, and I also added Personal Training twice a week with Scott Campbell. Scott listened to my goals and designed a plan to take me from a current poor state of health to a new level of fitness. The time committed to training with Scott was only three half-hour sessions per week, but by doing this consistently, the weight started dropping, energy level began increasing, and my attitude towards life improved greatly. During each workout, I felt being pushed to new levels. The training program struck the right balance between getting positive results and not injuring myself – something that had not been possible trying to do this on my own many times before.

Seeing and feeling the improvement, everyday activities like walking up stairs, traveling for work, and keeping up with the kids became easier and were now enjoyable. Eating healthy became more of a priority. I started adding activities back into my life and felt the motivation to start new ones.

This summer I went water skiing for the first time in 20 years and surfing for the first time ever! Bike riding with this new level of fitness makes each ride fun while at the same time improving health and fitness. My blood pressure is back into a healthy range. I’ve lost 60lbs and have good reason to get rid of old clothes and splurge a little on new ones.

In a matter of months, my outlook on life has changed dramatically and I’m much more of part of it! Northwest Personal Training has been a key factor in getting my life back. Thanks so much to Scott and everyone at NWPT!”

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