Tawni Delanoy

"This training has shown me that my limits are higher than I thought they were. My endurance has increased, my body has shown results and my health has improved with the trainers' influence."

“I have been a member of Northwest Personal Training for 12 years now. Throughout my journey here I have been trained and pushed by many trainers. This training has shown me that my limits are higher than I thought they were. My endurance has increased, my body has shown results and my health has improved with the trainers’ influence. Each trainer here at NWPT has their own set of skills that I admire. They have meant a lot to me in my health journey by understanding my goals and helping me achieve them.

The reason I am sharing this is not to only tell you how great this gym is but to share with you a challenge I have faced and how NWPT has helped me overcome it. I have been an athlete all my life. Fitness has truly been a part of who I am. My greatest athletic achievements include riding six times in the Seattle to Portland bike race (200 miles per race), 5ks, 10ks, and even completing two marathons. A few years ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, I started noticing small things in my workouts where it started to affect my body. I would easily get hurt (sprained ankle a few times) and it would be hard to complete some of my workouts because of pain. My mom passed away a few years ago as well and knew how my osteoporosis. I started to affect my health. She struggled with her health and I saw that she always wanted to be healthier. I love my mom truly and seeing her fight for her own health encouraged me to keep fighting for my health too.

This year I started working with Nathan Southmayd. I reached out to him and stated that because of my osteoporosis I felt that my workouts had plateaued and was really ready to take on a challenge. Nathan set up a 24-week program for me that included reaching for PRs on deadlifts(which I have never done), a change in my food intake and meeting with him 3 times a week for strength training and cardio workouts. This was a new challenge for me and I wanted to see if this would really improve my endurance once again and increase my overall health. After these 24 weeks, I went to my doctor to have my yearly bone density test. It has always been negative since being diagnosed, constantly reminding me my body is slowly failing me and my bones are getting weaker. Even though my results still came back showing that I have osteoporosis, my doctor praised me for the steps I have taken to delay this disease. However, he stated that this is now related to genetics and not something I can change. I refuse to let that stop me from fighting for my health. I will continue these workouts because it has made me feel healthier overall. Nathan believed in me and encouraged me to keep working out.

To those of you that are on your own health journey, don’t be discouraged. I encourage you to work out for strength, confidence, happiness and the feeling of not giving up. That’s why I am doing it, and I can honestly say it has not only helped my body but my mental health as well.

To my trainer, Nathan, thank you for working hard and giving me the support and knowledge needed to reach my goals. For pushing me when I couldn’t push myself. Today I feel so much more energized and filled with strength. Also, thank you for helping me hit my Deadlift PR of 135lbs!

Thank you Northwest Personal Training!”

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