Judy Bufford – A Year of Change

"Who can forget 2020?"

Who can forget 2020? A year of changes, many of them disheartening and beyond our control, but August 2020 was an unexpectedly bright spot for me. My daughter gave me a special birthday gift – a month of private personal training at NWPT!

After knee replacement surgery, retirement from an outdoor job, and months of reduced activity, I knew something needed to change to stay healthy. I also knew I wasn’t disciplined or knowledgeable enough to put together an effective program that would safely help me. I had spoken with my daughter about these challenges, so she decided to kickstart me with that gift. She even came to my first session, like a parent accompanying a child to her first day of school. Never having done something like this, I didn’t know what to expect. What a pleasant surprise!

I began working out with Jamie. She made working out enjoyable, encouraging me all the way. At first, I was discouraged by how little I could do but she set a good pace and level of activity for my ability. After a month, I signed up for 6 more!  I appreciated the diversity of exercises and the way they involve the whole body. I’ve been able to incorporate many of the moves into my daily life. For example, leaf raking is a great way to practice lunges and squats! Jamie also taught me the importance of hydration and ways to increase my water intake. I was back on track to enjoy hiking, backpacking and canoeing again!

When Jamie took a break, I moved to working out with Bob. He keeps the workouts fun and challenging.  In addition to strength training, we work on specific areas such as balance. Bob is great at helping me train for my next big adventure, like “tramping” in New Zealand. We discovered that I have mental blocks against certain moves and he has been helping and encouraging me to overcome them, increasing my range of abilities.

I went into NWPT thinking I would train for 6 months and then go it alone. 2 ½ years later, I just signed up for another 6 months! I have so much more strength and flexibility that daily living is easier and more enjoyable. I see where I can continue to grow and improve and I trust the trainers at NWPT to help me get there.

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