Nichole Reitzenstein & Nerissa Fallon

"Learning from others, my inspiration comes from anyone who has had physical or mental challenges of their own, far worse than mine, living their life with a positive attitude and carrying on as best as they are able."

Nichole & Nerissa are hard working gals!

Our partner training and team training at NW Personal Training has provided us with a path to reach our exercise and health  goals in a safe and healthy way. With the customized instruction from the trainers we get to work with we both have experienced amazing results. We began our NW Personal Training journey to better health and fitness in 2012. We continue to advance our flexibility, strength, and overall tone. We have enjoyed the flexibility of working with several amazing trainers at NW Personal Training as well as balancing the options of Partner Training, Personal Training, and Team Training. In addition to the overall health benefits the best part is the friendships we developed with all the employees at NW Personal Training and the opportunity training gives us to get out of the office, hang out together, and get a work out at the same time. We have so much fun at every training session. Training at NW Personal Training has become part of our everyday life. Cheers and thanks to the team at NWPT!!!

What sets us apart from others?

We provide personalized strength and fitness workouts led by world-class, award-winning trainers. As a result, our clients achieve life-changing transformations.

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