Rob Preece

"People ask why, I say Why Not!!"

Featured Client - Rob has inspired so many people and is a BEAST!

After rotator cuff surgery in November 2014, I came to NWPT in February 2015 at the urging of my wife and started rehabbing my shoulder with Marijka.  My first thought was this gym is way too small, but I was so wrong.  I have always been active and worked out, but right away I found NWPT to be different.  I love the variety of workouts and always find myself wanting to push to the next level. In November 2015 my cousin Cory suggested we do an Ironman since he was turning 50.  He looked at a calendar and the closest Ironman to his birthday was Whistler!  So, we signed up.  People ask why, I say Why Not!!  I coordinated with Marijka and Robby Halterman and got a training regimen.  Having never done any triathlons before I am sure plenty of people that I was crazy…  My trainers did an amazing job getting me physically and mentally prepared!  On July 24th I completed the Whistler Ironman in 12:25:38!

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