Kris Hostetter

"I'm getting in shape. I'm not in pain. My shoulder is stronger. My brain has changed; I look forward to class everyday."

We wanted to recognize Kris because of her Perseverance!

Perseverance describes me since February 10, 2015. I had noticed more sitting and less walking. I was eating less, weighing the same but gaining inches. My friend Teresa had suggested NWPT years ago, but I just wasn’t motivated until my doctor suggested a steroid injection into my neck to relieve pain.  Enough. I had to take back control. No cure was being offered. I had to get that blood flowing. Walking wasn’t reducing my neck or shoulder pain. I needed to breaking a sweat and get stronger. I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I couldn’t do a complete class at NWPT those first weeks (or months).  I felt I was starting at zero.  I’m old. I couldn’t do all the repetitions. Yoga was hard. Rowing was hard. I  would push-up from bent knee. I used the 3, 5, and 8 pound weights.  I hurt every time I tried to sit down or walk up the stairs. But it was good hurt.I started setting goals. I drank more water. I gradually increased weights lifted or pressed. I tried to move like the younger women in the classes. I did additional classes per day. I did the harder classes. I made the classes harder for me. My flexibility, speed AND strength increased. Burpes are still a challenge, but I’m doing them. Then came the weight loss challenge. For 6 weeks, my goal was to lose weight: the range I hadn’t seen in 25 years. With Leah’s encouragement I lost weight.I’m getting in shape. I’m not in pain. My shoulder is stronger. My brain has changed; I look forward to class everyday. My goals have changed. My body has changed. I am now working on optimum health and maybe living to 100.

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