Andy Ganderton

"The biggest change is not the physical one it is the mental change that has allowed me to continue improving myself!"

Andy has come so far!

When told that my name had been put forward for “Client of the Month” I initially laughed but then again I tend to laugh at a lot of things Alicia tells me. It is coming up on a year since I started my journey with NW Personal Training and with all the changes in my life during that time the one constant has been my time in the gym with Alicia. I started my workouts looking at the prospect of two Achilles tendon repairs in my immediate future, still recovering from two biceps tendon surgeries and having just reviewed the less than flattering results from the blood work of my annual physical. I was self-conscious about how badly I had allowed my health to lapse and the thought of working out in a public environment terrified me. I was also unsure about how I would respond to be ordered around by a super fit athletic trainer who had no idea what it is like to live in such an abused body and this was the biggest challenge for me. And then I met Alicia Rose. I could not have asked for a more perfect trainer. Within a couple of sessions we were interacting like I had known her for years and getting up early and driving the 35 minutes to get to the gym suddenly were no problem. My current session is not only physical exercise for me, it is 30 minutes of humor and stories from our past week and the time flies by for me.

So what has this past year’s journey done for me? I eat food I would never have eaten in the past, including strange vegetables and more importantly I think about what I eat in a totally different way. The blood test results from this year’s physical were significantly improved and looming diabetes and cholesterol issues have subsided. My Achilles tendons are healing and the daily swelling and bruising have gone. I have been able to pursue a desire I have had for 30+ years to learn how to swing dance. My lack of mobility and flexibility had made this ridiculously difficult and as both have improved this is no longer an issue. My journey is nowhere near complete and I will be a work in progress for the rest of my life. The biggest change is not the physical one it is the mental change that has allowed me to continue improving myself and who knows maybe I will make that next step and attempt a group class soon.

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