Barb Disser

"My two favorite positive statements of Jenna's are, "I do it because I love you." and "There is a six pack in there somewhere we just have to help it come out." I now workout 6 days a week. I have lost about 40 lbs since I started NWPT and have an awesome two pack thanks to Jenna."

Barb has an admirable dedication to exercise that is infectious!

About five years ago my Mom who had numerous medical problems and was inactive was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This scared me since although I had been active in sports in my 20’s I was now at my maximum density (weight), was inactive, and occupied with work. I decided I needed to work out again and with much hesitation I started researching clubs on the Internet in Vancouver. I found NWPT and made an appointment for a fitness assessment. I met with Jason. He said something that will stay with me for a lifetime. When I told him I did not have the time to workout. He said something to the effect if you really care about yourself you will make the time to workout and so started my journey. I started out training with Becky and taking group 3 days a week. Becky talked me into doing the cycling portion of a sprint triathlon, the Deschutes Dash in Bend with NWPT in a team with her and another client since I was taking lots of group spin classes. So, I went out bought my first road bike and did the climb up Mt. Bachelor at high altitude, whew! The best part was flying down the mountain at high speed! This started my ongoing love for road biking. The next thing I knew I was doing Tour de Blast, the RACC ride, leading up to STP (something I had always dreamed of doing) with Justin from NWPT and Mike Turnbull. I am now preparing for my fourth time of doing RSVP this year; 200 miles in two days. I am currently training with Jenna who has been a positive and supportive trainer and friend. She worked with me through my recovery from a torn meniscus two years ago and supports my training goals. My two favorite positive statements of Jenna’s are, “I do it because I love you.” and “There is a six pack in there somewhere we just have to help it come out.” I now workout 6 days a week. I have lost about 40 lbs since I started NWPT and have an awesome two pack thanks to Jenna. The thing I love the most about NWPT is that it does not matter who you are or what you look like you are welcome here. I love the fun I have in group with Trevor, Ted, Lacy, and Kara in cycling, Shockwave, and strength training. I love the fact that the staff are my friends and you can often find them out participating away from work in events with all of us. I have made many new friends who share my love of cycling and we all hold each other accountable for showing up to group. I have learned to snowshoe, cycle, and Shockwave thanks to NWPT. I am inspired by Sue and Pam who are always on the go, are ten years older than me and give me something to aspire to when I reach their age. I am also inspired by Marlene who has worked through many injuries to continue cycling with me and never gives up. This year will be our 3rd RSVP together. I am inspired by many others as well, too many to name. I love coming to workout at NWPT because I am working out with my friends. I am looking forward to many more friends and events in my future. Barb

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