Heidi Palena

"Every week, I walk out of NWPT with my head high, my limbs sweaty, and my heart full."

Our Dedicated Featured Client!

I started at NWPT in 2006 after my second child was born. I was unfit, lacked confidence, and was pretty sad that my body didn’t seem to melt away the baby fat I had gained. I jumped right in with NWPT and joined in my first FAT LOSS CHALLENGE.   My trainer helped me to rock the challenge and I went from soft to strong with his guidance and encouragement—I felt like a new person. 10 years since that first challenge, I have trained with a trainer almost every week—keeping off the 25 pounds that I initially lost.  That weekly session acts as my “set the bar” workout for the rest of the week. Until working out with a personal trainer, I had NO IDEA how hard I needed to push for results.  It’s amazing how much I have been taught to reach for those uncomfortable edges and push just a little beyond because THAT is the point where progress is made.   My workouts are a priority and the secret to stress relief, keeping my weight in check, and giving me happy energy to run and play with my kids.  My husband kindly states that I’m “reverse aging” which is just about the best compliment ever. While my workouts are consistent, I sometimes need to refocus on nutrition; my trainer Kristin is ready with her “What can I do to help you succeed” attitude.  I never feel like a failure for needing a little guidance and cheerleading, she just helps me get down to business and focus.   Every week, I walk out of NWPT with my head high, my limbs sweaty, and my heart full.

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We provide personalized strength and fitness workouts led by world-class, award-winning trainers. As a result, our clients achieve life-changing transformations.

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