Kim Sprague

"You know how Crossfitters always talk about Crossfit? Well, that is me with NWPT!! Greatest Gym EVER!!!!!"

Featured Client!

I love NWPT!!!! It seems a little crazy to me that I am so head over heels for a place that makes me work until I have nothing left to give, leaves me feeling sore in new places every single week, and has me walking out a sweaty mess every day! The best part about NWPT is the sense of community that you feel whenever you are there. It doesn’t matter which class I go to, the other clients immediately make you feel like you are part of that team and encourage you throughout the workout. It really is amazing. I’ve met so many great people here and truly appreciate my workout buddies and the friendships that have been made. When I seriously started this journey last year, I told my trainer extraordinaire, Kristin, that I wasn’t sure I could do it. It had always been a struggle for me to stick with a fitness plan. She looked at me and said, ” You can and you will and I will help get you there!” And she did. I adore you, Kristin!!! And luckily, I found the greatest workout partner in the world in Vicky Fairbrother! We have completed weight loss challenges, rowing challenges, mileage challenges – basically any type of challenge we can get our hands on!! She is inspiring and kind and continues to encourage me on this fitness journey! It is awesome to get to experience different trainers in different classes. They are all so unique and it is a brilliant way to let people experience training with each of them. Trevor has a way of getting just a little bit more out of you when you are pretty sure there is nothing left! I’m sure that he has no idea just how inspiring he is. Leah I have nicknamed “The Silent Assassin” I swear she looks so sweet and tiny but she packs a punch! Derrick is hilarious. I usually spend so much time trying to figure out his jokes that it really makes the time fly by! And, thankfully, he turns Yoga into speed Yoga so that I can get through an hour without losing my mind!! Cody, the Mr. Heavy Metal, puts together the craziest boot camps and I love it! I never knew that I could do 20 things at one time until I took Cody’s class. Sweet, sweet Lacy is nothing short of inspiring! Saturday morning cycling is a total love/hate for me but I always walk (crawl) out of there a stronger person. Lacy has a way of making you feel like you can do anything and you can always feel her believing in you. Rob never misses an opportunity to encourage me and has given me my toughest personal training session to date at NWPT (Please, don’t anyone take that as a challenge!!!) Marijka is always smiling, even when she is telling me, “just 12 more.” I am lucky to get to train with her every week! I don’t even know what to say about Sherri! If you know her, you love her and it really is that simple. Justin, Shantina, Lilian and Irina make NWPT perfect from the moment you walk in! It is easy to have DEDICATION when you have this unbelievable group of people pushing you to be the best that you can be. One year in and I know that I am a happier person, a better wife, a better mom and I am the strongest that I have ever been.

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