Kris Sharp and Charlene Montierth

"18 months ago I could not have imagined living in a body in which I felt strong, in which I could live for another 30 or 40 years. "


Kris and I are committed – to each other, to health, to joy, and to living long and active lives together, and Northwest Personal Training is part of that commitment. 18 months ago I could not have imagined living in a body in which I felt strong, in whichI could live for another 30 or 40 years. I had just suffered a herniated disk and my right leg all the way to my foot was left numbed and so weak that I couldn’t do a toe lift; I didn’t even have a heel reflex. Back surgery was what the doctors said, but my wife Kris said, “Cody can help you”. She had decided a few months prior that she needed to take control of her health and commit to an active lifestyle; she found the support she needed to do that at Northwest Personal Training, setting up a training schedule with Cody McHaney. He was driven, enthusiastic, skilled; simply put, he was exactly what she needed and she was convinced that I needed this to be part of my life too. Petrified, I walked in to NWPT and met with him, and he committed himself that day to helping me recover. I’ve never looked back, and Kris and I have worked with him ever since. We are stronger now than we’ve been for decades and that toe lift thing is no problem anymore! We began working out with Cody because we had reached a point in our lives in which it was necessary. We committed to a future of heath and activity, not pain and disability. We’ve stayed because of that, but just as importantly, because of the commitment Cody and the rest of the incredible staff at NWPT made to us. Hiking at Machu Picchu and snorkeling in the Galapagos were our most recent active adventures and we look forward to exploring the rest of the world together with the same energy and excitement. Thanks Cody and the rest of the staff, for helping us make that possible!

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We provide personalized strength and fitness workouts led by world-class, award-winning trainers. As a result, our clients achieve life-changing transformations.

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