Echo Langley

"Since that day, the Saturday before Thanksgiving 2017, I have never felt alone on this journey to health."

Breaking Barriers & Getting on Track!

“I had never been one who enjoyed physical exercise. I never played sports and the only light that saw my face was the light of the refrigerator. When I turned 65, Medicare said they would pay for me to go to the gym so I went to the “big box” gyms they paid for. They had the equipment and the classes. They had pools and peppy music. I never went more than twice.

When I couldn’t walk around the block without panting and wheezing, when I was falling on a fairly frequent basis, when I had gained 30 pounds on top of my already plump self, when my blood pressure and cholesterol were too high, I knew I had to do something. I did some research and settled on a free assessment at Northwest Personal Training. I came in on a Saturday and met with Alicia Rose. She identified a number of areas that needed a LOT of work and then asked me what NWPT could do for me. I told her, “I need you to care. To really care whether I show up. To care whether I work when I am here. To care whether I meet my goals. When I don’t care enough, I need you to care for me.” Since that day, the Saturday before Thanksgiving 2017, I have never felt alone on this journey to health. Judith emails me to check if I miss class. Derrick never fails to let me know how much I have improved and always smiles when I whine and then says, “Let’s do 5 more reps.” And Rob always pushes me to my limits. I love the Barre class and the Cardio-Muscle definitions class. Most importantly, though, somewhere along the line, I learned to care.

The bottom line is that I have lost weight, have become much stronger, have not fallen since that first day and have formed a walking group at my church. The nutrition intern continues to teach me how to eat better. I try things I never thought I could do and I have walked in two 5Ks without having to stop and rest. The staff at NWPT never fails to tell me how hard I work, but in all honesty, I just show up and they work their magic. It is their skill and inspiration that makes me want to push myself to work harder.

That first day, I told Alicia that my goal was to walk the Couve Clover 5k without having to stop and rest in the middle. Now my goal is to walk it in under 45 minutes. I know I can do this because I care and NWPT is there to help me every step of the way.”

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