Lorriane Cook

"Before I came to NW Personal Training I was a couch potato, I was overweight, my body hurt, I had knee issues."

Lorraine is unstoppable!

Before I came to NW Personal Training I was a couch potato, I was overweight, my body hurt, I had knee issues. Just getting out of a chair was a challenge. In 2015 my mother had a stroke and I became her caregiver, last year my mother passed away. When she died, I died inside. I quit caring or having hope I just settled into the couch. It was almost a year before I did anything about it. My close friend Deb Coates and her husband Don were coming to NWPT and they talked about how much better they felt and how having a personal trainer had changed their lives.

NWPT is like family – I went in for my initial consultation and told Jolene about my initial goals. The main one was to be able to spend quality time keeping up with my granddaughter Daphne. Jolene suggested that I strengthen the muscles around my knees to give them better support, this became my new goal. A few weeks into training I was feeling better it was easier to get up and down from the floor, I had more energy but I knew the inevitable, I had to see the doctor about my knee, He gave me a shot of cortisone and told me I needed surgery, but I had to lose 20 pounds first. Jolene and Marijka were fast on helping me find a way to get on track with my diet. Since then, I can get out of a chair with ease, and have lost 18 pounds and I love coming to my workouts! This all has happened much quicker than I imagined it would. My spirits are back up and I now have dreams of hiking mountains like I used to. I know that once I have that surgery I will have three wonderful trainers that I can fall back on to help me recover and get to those mountains! I would like to give special thanks to Marijka, Cody, and Jolene for being so helpful and supportive in my journey.

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