Brooke & Connie

"Bob makes exercise enjoyable, and his choice of workout music is top-notch!"

“Brooke began working with Bob while recovering from a knee injury in early 2022. Later that year, she enlisted her recently retired mom, Connie, to join her for weekly partner training sessions. As a busy mom of three, Brooke’s goal with training is to return to playing soccer. In the meantime, she stays active by hiking, walking, and coaching youth soccer.

Connie, a busy mom and grandma, hadn’t focused on a dedicated exercise program in recent years. She values Bob’s expertise in addressing the body’s needs at different life stages. Bob motivates and challenges them to exceed their expectations. Connie now enjoys more outdoor activities and has set up a workout area in her home based on Bob’s teachings. Bob makes exercise enjoyable, and his choice of workout music is top-notch!

From the moment they arrive, they feel welcome and comfortable, with staff greeting them with a smile each week. Building relationships with other participants and feeling like part of a community adds to the experience. Mother-daughter bonding time and the sauna are added bonuses. They’re grateful for the chance to prioritize their health and enhance their quality of life for years to come.”

– Brooke & Connie

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