Tyler Brinkman

"I haven't felt this fit or strong in over 15 years."

Commitment, Tyler has really committed himself to his workouts at NWPT.


This is what I was hoping to find at NWPT. I started coming to NWPT a little over 7 months ago. I work nearby and was aware that there was some sort of fitness center nearby because occasionally a group of sweaty(but happy looking) folks would run by. I had been a “member” at a couple other gyms in the area on and off for the last 10 years. My waist measurement was a reflection of my attendance and motivation levels at those gyms.

A coworker told me about one of the free trial periods at NWPT, along with a nice recommendation, and I decided I would give it a try. I didn’t know much about NWPT but did have my preconceived notions. I assumed it was going to be pushy and expensive, like buying a used car (everybody else knows what you need more than you do). WRONG!

All throughout my trial period (and still to this day), the trainers (and everybody who works there) are very welcoming and able to provide motivation or guidance almost intuitively. Even though I felt VERY out of shape and a little out of sync at first, my comfort has continuously risen because of the energetic environment and the ability to exercise at whatever pace worked best for me. By the time my trial ended, I could feel the athlete in me starting to show up again and knew that this was a place I could reach my goals.

I have lost more than 20lbs and over 4″ from off my waist. My clothes fit better, at least the ones that I haven’t replaced because they are just too big now. I haven’t felt this fit or strong in over 15 years. I will continue to schedule myself in a group class 5 days a week because I want to see how far I can go with NWPT. I encourage anyone looking for something new in their fitness routine to give NWPT a try. I’ll see you there!”

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