Bonnie Harkins

"January of last year, I unexpectedly suffered a stroke."

Bonnie has worked so hard to get back to where she is!

In July 2015, my husband and I and our two dogs relocated to Vancouver from Pasadena, CA. Six months later, in January of last year, I unexpectedly suffered a stroke. In the span of six hours, I went from being an active, energetic workaholic to having severe deficits in speech, motor control, and coordination. I had to relearn even the simplest of tasks and study body movements of others in order to replicate them. I was advised against pursuing strength training early in my recovery – some medical literature points to injury from muscles not receiving messages from the nervous system. However, I decided on my own to find a gym where I could feel comfortable with my uncoordinated movements and deconditioned body. That decision led me to NWPT in March 2016 and I augmented traditional PT and OT with regular workouts. With the patience and support of Cody and Judith, I have surprised my doctors and therapists with my gains. Sessions with Cody and Judith are never boring and there is sometimes more laughter than exercise, but I am convinced that even this aided in my recovery. I still have a long way to go toward full recovery, but I am able to lead a more active life again and I have NWPT to thank. Thank you Cody and Judith for everything!!

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