Tara Taylor

"Everyone needs a place where they can "just be." NWPT is that place for me."

Tara has the endurance many strive towards!

Everyone needs a place where they can “just be.” NWPT is that place for me. As someone who has wrestled with depression since childhood, I know the benefits of regular physical exercise. I’ve belonged to multiple gyms, but never have I found the sense of community that pervades NWPT. A community is hard to describe and even more difficult to create. But NWPT has it in spades. It’s like entering a loving, happy home where you’re safe and cared for. Where people believe in you (despite your failings!) and accept you as you are. Where they encourage you on your journey even if you’ve been in the same place for years. And where everyone is welcomed personally every day (thank you Justin and Michelle). Thank you, Rob, for helping me take pride in my Scottish warrior physique. Nothing gets out the toxins like lifting weights with you! Through job changes, house moves, blues festivals, personal struggles and the constant strife in the wider world, working out at NWPT recharges my spirit. No matter my mental state when I enter the front doors, I am more centered and ready to face the day when I leave. What a life affirming gift! I am deeply blessed and extremely grateful to be part of this community. Thank you, Rob, Leah, Justin, Molly, Marika, Alicia and Michelle (my “morning crew”) for enriching my life.

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