Mike Taylor

"It worked! Within a couple of years I had lost 40lbs and have kept it off, my fitness level and balance are much improved!"

Talk about commitment!

“Late in 2011, I was declared obese by my doctor. At first, I was shocked, then disgusted with myself. I’d always been pretty athletic. Football, swimming, Tae Kwon Do, fly fishing but as I got older and focused on my career and business those things sort of lost priority in my life. I gained the weight and lost the fitness.

Over the pre-NWPT years, I tried every diet in the book and promised myself that I was going to get more exercise and be more physically fit. I even tried making appointments with myself to workout. It didn’t work. I lost weight and gained it back, consistently canceled my self-appointed workouts. Finally, I realized I needed the accountability of having an appointment with someone else, I needed discipline and encouragement.

NWPT came highly recommended so ultimately I made a New Year’s resolution and signed up for my first session in early 2012. NWPT immediately started living up to its reputation. Over the past 7 years, I’ve had several trainers. All have been excellent and extremely professional. They consistently put together creative, engaging workouts that make me feel better and motivate me to keep working out. Plus, they’re very patient and consistently providing gentle coaching. I found what I needed at NWPT.

It worked! Within a couple of years I had lost 40lbs and have kept it off, my fitness level and balance are much improved!

Then my wife and I bought a vacation home outside a small Central Oregon town. We started spending a lot of time there. There were no reasonable personal training options within reach.

The weight started to creep back on, my stamina decreased, etc. etc.

While cruising the internet I stumbled across the idea of “remote workouts”, basically your trainer would come into your home on your computer via live Skype video. I suggested the idea to my trainers Marijka & Judith and although it hadn’t been tried before at NWPT (at least as far as we knew) they agreed to try it.

By now we’ve been regularly working out over Skype for a year now. It’s working great for me. Several times a week I fire up Skype and start up our virtual workout… it’s the best thing to being in the studio! My weight is stable, I’m more fit, and my balance is better.

When I’m in Vancouver, it’s fantastic to be able to work in person with Marijka and Judith, when I’m in Central Oregon we do Skype and it’s a great option. I’m very grateful to all the excellent people at NWPT who have helped me reach and maintain my goals, become healthier, and get off the obesity scale!”

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