Fitness Tips


Shape up with Sherri

Exercise, Nutrition and Motivation Tips to get you in the best shape of your life!

Vibrant Vegan with Derrick deLay

One of our amazing trainers and his beautiful wife Kirsten – Exercise, Nutrition and Motivation Tips for those leading or wanting to start the journey towards a Vegan Lifestyle.



Calorie Burning Calculator


How many calories am I burning? Do you want to know how many calories you’re burning during various activities? Here’s a simple way to find out.


Heart Rate Training Zone Calculator


Are you exercising at the correct intensity? This calculator computes cardiovascular training zones for you by taking your resting heart rate into account.


Body Mass Index Calculator


This calculator will calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) and will estimate whether your weight is within a healthy or unhealthy range.


Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator


This calculator will determine whether your Waist:Hip ratio is within a healthy or unhealthy range.


Calorie Requirement Calculator


On average, what is the estimated number of calories I need to maximize fat loss or maintain my weight? Don’t know the right number of calories to consume to maximize fat loss or maintain your weight? Find out here!


Protein Calculator


What is the estimated amount of protein I need on a daily basis? Protein is all the rage, but how much should you have on a daily basis? The answer is here!

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