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Mobility vs. Flexibility

The critical importance of mobility and flexibility to overall health is gaining greater traction in the fitness, training, and physical therapy communities. However, many people are confused about the difference between mobility and flexibility. Flexibility refers to the ability of soft tissues such as muscle, fascia, ligaments, and tendons to passively stretch and lengthen. Mobility…

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Pool Workouts

With the excessive heat we’ve been experiencing, many exercisers are turning to the water for their workouts. Water fitness can improve muscle strength and endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular health, decrease body fat, improve circulation, help rehabilitate injuries, and even enhance sports skills. In addition, water fitness is a lot of fun and if you participate…

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Spring Into Shape for Summer – Week Seven

“Do not be afraid to demand great things of yourself. Powers which you never dreamed you possessed will leap to your assistance…” O. Marden Previous Weeks In This Series Cardiovascular Conditioning: This week make a commitment to be more active in your life. The International Journal of Obesity released a stat that estimated we expend…

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Spring Into Shape for Summer!

The smell of spring is in the air and many of us are now realizing summer is on its way. Long days, outings to the beach, tank tops and sundresses, swim wear, cycling, camping, walks by the water, parties by the pool….Can’t you wait!? We’ve got about 3 months to get you in tip-top shape…

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Weekly Workout Routine

Last week we talked about the importance of moving your body and how to make that commitment.  Once you figure out the WHY, the WHAT is the easy part. So today, here are some specifics to make sure you include in your weekly workout routine. Cardiovascular Exercise Will improve your heart, lungs, circulatory system, muscles, bones…

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