Spring Into Shape For Summer – Week Three

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Continue implementing everything you’ve learned over the last 2 weeks and add on today’s tips.  Beach season is on the way – let’s commit to getting in great shape in time for summer! Looking good and feeling great!

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Cardiovascular Conditioning

Stay with your same frequency of cardio training as last week but this week, try to vary your pace.  For example, one day walk for 20 minutes at a fast pace, then on another day, walk for 30-40 minutes at a moderate pace and then finally, walk for 60 minutes at an easier pace. This will train all your energy systems and get you into overall fabulous conditioning.


Muscle Conditioning

We’ve reviewed a variety of muscle conditioning exercises in this blog over the years. Today, choose three lower body, three upper body and three core exercise and complete 8-15 reps of each exercise two to three times this week on alternating days.

Chin ups 2(1)For example, you could choose a set of squats, pushups, v-sits, lunges, rows, and planks, step ups, pull ups and ‘Dead Bug’ stabilization work.

  • Beginner: Perform 1 set of each exercise.
  • Intermediate: Perform 2 sets of each exercise
  • Advanced: Perform 3 sets of each exercise


Remember to breathe comfortably throughout each exercise – exhaling as you exert and inhaling as you recover. In each of the exercises maintain proper posture and keep your abdominals contracted and strong.


stretch inner thigh on wallInner thigh on the wall – Sit with your back straight up against the wall.  Now bring the souls of your feet together and allow your legs to just drop out to the side. Feel the stretch through your groin .


Eat 5 small meals and snacks everyday instead of 2-3 big ones.  Have a nutritious breakfast, a mid-morning snack like an apple and walnuts, a healthy lunch like a soup and salad, a mid-afternoon snack like a cup of cottage cheese and veggies, and a nutritious dinner like a vegetable, bean and rice stir-fry.

Helpful Tip

Set one small goal every day.  For example, on Tuesday your goal may be to finish your 30 minute walk.  On Wednesday, your goal may be to drink 8 glasses of water. And Thursday, your goal may be to do your muscle-conditioning exercises.

Take it one day at a time!

Yours in health & fitness,
Sherri McMillan

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