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There is a whole generation of people fighting the aging process – myself included – and doing a very good job at it.  Aging is not a chronological issue…it’s a factor of disuse and inactivity! I feel just as good as when I was 20 so this stuff totally works!

As I mentioned last week, aerobic and anaerobic cardio exercise, muscle conditioning, flexibility training and balanced nutrition are the four critical components to a healthy mind and body.  But to be even more specific, there are certain exercises that I feel directly counteract the aging process.  Last week, I reviewed an exercise to work your posterior muscles which helps to keep your spine elongated and maintain a youthful posture.

Today’s exercise options are more of a stretch but equally as critical as last week’s exercise. Try any of these at the end of a long day or anytime you’ve been sitting for too long.  Stay tuned next week for more anti-aging exercises.

  1. Pillow arches – Place 2-3 pillows on the floor.  Lay on your back over the pillows so that the pillows are at about the level of your shoulder blades.  Stretch your arms to the side and up over your head.
  2. Stretch over the Stability ball or BOSU –  Start by sitting on a stability ball (or BOSU) and then slowly walk your feet outwards until you are lying comfortably over the stability ball with your head, neck, shoulder and back comfortably supported and arched over the ball.  Extend your arms out to the side.  You should feel a great stretch in your chest, shoulder and back.

These are great stretches for all of you who spend a great deal of time at a desk or at a computer.  It places your body in a position that counteracts the strain on your back that you experience from sitting in a flexed position for an extended period of time and will help you maintain a long spine and a youthful posture.  Hold this stretch for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Try this pillow stretch at the end of a long day
Try this Stability Ball stretch to counteract a 'hunch-back' posture


Try this BOSU Back Stretch to elongate and maintain a youthful posture
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