An exercise to help you age beautifully…

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Okay, I’m 41 and not getting any younger.  But you know what?  I feel just as good as when I was in my 20s and most 20 year olds can’t keep up with me so I think I’m doing okay. There is definitely some truth to the Fountain of Youth being a consistent commitment to taking care of yourself.

Aerobic and anaerobic cardio exercise, muscle conditioning, flexibility training and balanced nutrition are the 4 key ingredients to a healthy and youthful mind and body.  To be more specific, there are certain exercises that I feel directly counteract the aging process and normally, I could charge over a million dollars for these secrets.  But since you are all wonderful people and friends, I’m going to reduce the price in half if you do the exercise tonight.  So is looking and feeling your best worth $500,000?  You know what, you’re so cool, that if you do a set of 10, I will reduce the price by 3/4 for only $125,000.  Plenty of people pay at least that much to look young again.  Okay, how about if you promise to do the exercise 3x this week?  If you do, I will slash the price to just $1000. Add in your healthy eating discount, your getting enough sleep discount, your managing your stress discount and surrounding yourself with amazing people who build you up and inspire you discount, and I’m going to give you today’s exercise for FREE!  Yep, I said for FREE! But remember you’ve got to do 10 reps today and at least another 2x this week or else expect an invoice from me!

Okay, here’s a great anti-aging exercise. Stay tuned next week for more anti-aging exercises.

Prone Opposite arm and leg lifts: Lay on your stomach with your abdominals contracted and pulled away from the floor throughout the entire exercise.  Start with both arms positioned over your head.  Keep your neck in a neutral position.  Lift one arm and the opposite leg.  While lifting the arms and legs, avoid lifting really high – instead focus on reaching the arms and the legs.  Do 8-15x each side.

The key benefit of this exercise is that it’s going to condition all your weaker, posterior muscle groups – hamstrings, glutes, rear shoulder girdle, and muscles on both sides of the spine. It will strengthen your body’s ability to maintain an extended spine (versus a hunched over spine typical in an older population) which is so important for posture and help to maintain that youthful appearance.

Opposite Arm and Leg Lift - Part A
Opposite Arm Leg Lift - Part B
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