More exercise & nutrition tips for looking & feeling your best

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Dear clients, friends & family,

No matter where you live, I hope you’re getting some sunshine and soaking in the Vitamin D.  That always does wonders in terms of increasing your energy levels and motivation.

Here’s some more tips to enhance your health and fitness:

Cardio – This week I’d like you to try hill training. It will develop your strength, power and overall fitness. If part of your program includes walking, running, or cycling, find a short hill (about 100 meters long) and perform 5-10 hill repeats once this week. It will definitely get your heart pumping.  Let me know how you liked it…

Muscle Conditioning: Here’s another 6 minute clip to add to your muscle conditioning tool box. You’ll need a Kettlebell for today’s set.  Feel free to use a hand weight instead.


If you can’t see the video clip above, click on the link below.

Nutrition Tip– Try to have most of your calories eaten in the first 2/3’s of your day (breakfast and lunch)

Here’s to looking and feeling your best this Spring & Summer!

Yours in health and fitness,

Sherri McMillan

ps.  If you live in Vancouver WA or Portland OR, join us for our 3 hour Exercise-a-thon on Sunday May 15th to help the Japan Relief fund.  Call us at 503.287.0655 for more information.

pps.  Our hiking club starts Sunday May 22nd. Challenge yourself to an amazing series of adventures and mix up your program!


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