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Susan Worthy
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On Monday, I attended the memorial of one of our clients, Susan Worthy. She had worked out with us for a number of years and it was one year ago that she was diagnosed with cancer. Susan passed on April 27th at the age of 55 years – a life definitely cut too short. She was an incredible woman – extremely intelligent, sweet, kind, caring, gentle but also strong and powerful. She was a pillar in our community and was involved in various organizations, not-for-profits and charities. She was a fit woman and modeled a healthy lifestyle for her family.

Susan Worthy
Susan Worthy during one of her early morning workouts


Many non-exercising skeptics may question the logic of someone spending so much time exercising when they are going to die so young anyways. But here’s the thing, if I knew I was going to die tomorrow, I would not regret the years and hours I’ve spent exercising and taking care of myself. It’s not just the length of your life or the quantity of your years that matters. It’s how you feel everyday when you exercise! I feel better when I workout, I’m less stressed, energized, more confident…I feel physically, emotionally and mentally stronger and better able to tackle anything that comes my way. The critical reason to exercise is that the quality of your life is enhanced greatly. Every day is a better day when you workout.

I believe if you were to ask Susan if she would have still spent so much time exercising if she had known she was going to pass at such a young age anyways, I’m confident that she would say “Hell Ya!”…only she would have left out the ‘hell’!  She was a very classy chick, you know!

In fact Susan worked out with us up until 3 weeks before she passed away. She was a badass because as her trainer Derrick deLay reports, “Even though she had a hard time breathing, she could still do 100 pound full body weight squats!” They better be ready for one tough cookie to arrive at the pearly gates!

Speaking of Derrick, I wanted to share with you an email that he just sent out to his clients. This is one of the reasons Susan loved him so much!

“I wake up at 4 in the morning and 15 minutes later I start my short, 6 mile, bike ride to work. Rain or shine, I ride. Some mornings, usually when I haven’t slept enough, I don’t feel like riding my bike. I know if I do I will feel better, so I ride. About 2 miles into my ride comes my first big decision of the day. Should I turn right or left? If I turn right, I get to ride 2 more miles before I have to climb an easy hill. If I turn left, I immediately have to climb one the steepest, hardest hills in town.

Which way should I go?

99% of the time I turn left. I choose to struggle. I choose gasping for breath and burning legs. I choose hard over easy. I choose long-term over short-term. How do I do it? I talk to myself. I remind myself not to pass up the opportunity to train. I tell myself how much better I will feel, physically, mentally, and emotionally for having done it. I remind myself that the road to mediocrity is flat and easy. I don’t want to be mediocre. Do you? Can you talk yourself into choosing healthy foods, fruits and veggies, over junk food? Can you talk yourself into choosing to exercise a little everyday? Yes. You are the only one who can. Choose to be exceptional!”

Yours in health and fitness,

Sherri McMillan

Ps. If you live in the Northwest, join us for our Annual Evening 3 & 6 mile Fun Run/Walk and Live Concert. It’s a great way to celebrate the start of summer and help raise funds for the critical programs at the YWCA.



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