Lose weight while on holidays!

Exercising on vacation
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Dear clients, friends & family,

I just returned from Spring Break in the Dominican Republic with my kids. We had such a blast! We stayed at the Dreams Resort and were so impressed with the customer service, entertainment and activities and friendliness of the staff.

Most people when they go away on holidays gain a few pounds because they get out of their routine and are drinking and eating more than usual. Well, one of these days, I would love for you to vacation with me because guess what…I always lose weight when I go away on holidays. And the best part is I still indulge while I’m there. Keep reading to find out how…

Exercising on Vacation
Working out in Dominican Republic
Aqua-Fit on Vacation
Aqua-Fit on Vacation

So on this last trip, I was teaching at the resort. I taught a 30 minute low impact cardio workout in the morning, a 30 minute Aqua-Fitness Class at noon and another 30 minute workout in the evening before dinner. And in between all of this, guess what I was doing. Yep, just laying around at the beach and playing in the pool with the kids. So believe me, I had plenty of R & R doing nothing! But just doing 30 minutes of activity peppered throughout the day was enough to allow me to eat and drink quite a bit and still lose weight. Plus we walked around as much as possible and participated in a lot of the fun activities and entertainment which keeps the metabolism revving. So the message is this, just keep your bodies moving throughout the day whether you’re on vacation or not and you don’t need to necessarily eat like a bird to lose weight.

Oh, and if you’d really like to try a vacation with me, this summer I’m taking a bunch of clients Cycling through Tuscany Italy for the trip of a lifetime. And trust me, we will eating a ton of pasta and drinking quite a bit of wine but we will all come back either the same weight or a little lighter! Here’s the link if you’d like more information.


It’s been almost 2 months since we’ve launched the Love Yourself Fitness & Training program. Plenty of time to experience incredible results! I am going to continue sharing important health, fitness and nutrition information with you to help keep you on track and keep fitness a priority in your life. So here are some more tips.

Cardio – This week, add 1-2 really long, low intensity workouts. This type of training will really develop your aerobic fitness. For example, now that spring is here, dust off and tune up your bike and go out for a long bike ride. Or maybe schedule in a long walk or hike.

Muscle Conditioning: I wanted to send you a clip of two of our trainers at Northwest Personal Training, Ted Schatz and Kristin Healey. They did a Kettlebell video clip with some good practical information that you can add to your repertoire. The key with muscle conditioning is mixing it up so I want to be the one that always gives you lots of great ideas to keep your program fresh and exciting.


Last, focus on getting enough sleep this week. Sleep is your body’s way to recover and repair itself and is critical to fat loss and your health.

Yours in health and fitness,

Sherri McMillan

ps.  If you live local in Portland OR or Vancouver, WA, our 6 week Weight Loss challenge starts this Wednesday night. It’s an easy way to lose 10 pounds fast!  Plus our Running clinics and Triathlon Club start this Saturday! Tons of options to get you in great shape for summer! Call 360.574.7292 or 503.287.0655 to register today!

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