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Pump Your Muscles and Heart with Outdoor Workouts

Since the risk for exposure to Covid-19 is lower outdoors, many people are opting for outdoor workouts. Fortunately, the weather is cooperating making exercising outside more enjoyable. Here is a workout that you can do outdoors that involves both cardio-respiratory and muscle conditioning exercise. The program alternates between periods of running or walking and resistance…

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Get Outside For Your Health

No school, people are working from home and we can’t actually go anywhere and do anything. Everything is virtual and many are opting to place all their orders online and have all their household needs delivered so there’s no reason to leave your home. Some people are literally stuck indoors all day and that is…

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Managing Your Stress During The Coronavirus Scare

People are very stressed out right now with the Coronovirus pandemic. People are worried about getting sick and/or infecting their older loved ones or those at-risk with a compromised immune system. In addition, you have businesses struggling to figure out how to offset the massive losses in revenues and whether they will survive. You have…

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Park Workout – Week 3

Strength and Cardio Interval Workout Over the past couple weeks, we’ve been reviewing exercises you can do at the park. Today we’ll continue using nothing more than your body weight and the playground apparatus. So remember that the park is your gym and you can give yourself an incredible workout while the kids play.  Meet…

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