10 Minutes to Health!

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Most people report a lack of time as the number one deterrent to exercise. What if you could reap the benefits of exercise with only 10 minutes per day?

A study published recently in the JAMA Internal Medicine estimated that more than 110,000 US deaths could be prevented each year if adults over the age of 40 years added 10 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity to their daily lives. Increasing to 20-30 minutes could save even more lives, the study reports. 

It’s not a huge time commitment, but 10 minutes can deliver massive health benefits.

It would be very easy to add 10 minute of activity into your daily life:

You could start walking in the morning, at lunch or after work.

You could do a 10 minute yoga routine to start your day.

You could follow a 10 minute online muscle conditioning program. 

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Here’s a 10 minute program incorporating body weight exercises that will strengthen your lower body, upper body, core and cardio:

Squat Elbows to Knees

Keep your knee caps pointing in the same direction of your toes and your feet about shoulder to hip width apart. 

Squat down to a comfortable position reaching your elbows towards or to touch your knees.

Return to the start and reach to the sky lifting your heels off the ground up onto your toes.

Maintain an elongated spine and keep your core active and strong.

Continue for 1 minute

Tricep Dip

Sit in a chair with your feet in front of you, hands positioned to the side of your hips and with your fingers pointing forward.

Bring your hips forward of the seat, position your elbows over your wrist and then slowly bend your elbows as your hips lower and then extend your elbows as your hips raise.

Continue for 1 minute.

Keep your knees more bent to make it easier and more straight to make the exercise more difficult. 


Lie on your stomach. 

Position your elbows under your shoulders. 

Contract your abdominal muscles and then slowly lift your body onto your toes and your elbows. 

Keep your back straight and shoulder blades pulled together. 

Remember to breathe. 

Hold this position for one minute.

Take breaks if needed.


Imagine you are holding a skipping rope and skip for 30 seconds.

Bonus: if you complete with an actual skipping rope!

Feel free to keep it low impact and instead of jumping, just walk your feet quickly on the spot while moving your arms as if you are holding a jump rope.

Go through these four exercises 3x for a 10 minute full body muscle and cardio circuit. Take breaks as needed. 

Yours in health & fitness,
Sherri McMillan


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