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Look Good For New Year’s: Last Week!

The parties are almost here, and if you’ve remained committed to the program (5 weeks to go, 4 weeks to go, 3 weeks to go, 2 weeks to go)….you should be feeling great. Happy Holidays, and I’ll see you next year! Be sure to stay tuned for my “Getting Lean & Mean in 2013” program…

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Look Good For New Years: 2 Weeks Left!

The holiday season can be crazy, making it very difficult to stick to a fitness program. I know you’re busy, but your health is worth a small commitment of three workouts this week. Try this week’s cardio focus, follow weeks the workouts I gave you for 5 weeks to go, 4 weeks to go and…

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Look Good For New Years: 3 Weeks Left!

Hopefully you have been doing the workouts I gave you for 5 weeks to go until New Year’s and 4 weeks to go until New Year’s. Now you have 3 weeks left until New Year’s Eve and you want to look smashing right?  Well, this week’s workout will help get you there. To see all images…

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Look Good For New Years: Week 4 Workout

How did you do with last week’s workout?  Didn’t do it or didn’t know about it?  The good news is that there are still 4 weeks left before New Year’s so there is still time to shape up before the big parties!  Here is this week’s workout. Click HERE for images of each exercise. Cardio…

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Exercises For Skiing and Snowboarding

Snow, snow, snow on the mountains. For many of us in the Northwest, the only thing that can get us through the wet months that lay ahead is knowing that if it’s raining down here, it’s snowing in the mountains! Skiing and snowboarding are amazing sports and they are very intense.  Be prepared to hit…

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