Health & Fitness Retreat

Does your team require a bit of bonding time? Does employee morale need a boost? If so, plan a health and fitness retreat to show your team you care about their well-being.

Choose from a variety of options including:

  • a Guided Hike in the mountains
  • a Snowshoe Trek through a winter wonderland
  • a Guided Cycle through the community
  • or a Walk through the City-trails

Or if your team prefers an indoor retreat, we’ll come to you and teach an entire day of practical sessions intermingled with health and fitness lectures. It will be like you’ve sent them to Golden Door or Canyon Ranch Spa without the hefty fees.
Fees: $1000 per day

*Individual employees will be responsible for their own equipment rentals when applicable, their own travel when applicable, and for their own meal expenses (or be required to bring a lunch unless food will be provided by employer).

sign up for our complimentary initial personal training session and one week of group classes