Fit(ish) in Your 30s – Week 2

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Last week, we reviewed fitness tips for the 20 somethings. With each decade there are typically new challenges and opportunities. Today, Brenda Braxton and trainer Alicia Rose focus on the 30s and the unique needs throughout this decade.

The series is called Fit (ish) and the premise behind the approach is that we all want to be healthy but we don’t want to be obsessed about it. It’s all about balance, enjoying life and being the best that we can be.

Here’s the Youtube clip from week one and week two of the series:

Week 1 for your 20s

Week 2 for your 30s

Your 30s can be busy as some are starting families and focused on raising kids. Others are immersed in work and perhaps taking on more responsibilities to move up in their chosen field. Either way, time is at a premium. People in their 30s need exercise efficiencies.

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What’s the best fit-ish approach to exercise during this decade?

A 30-something body can still handle a more intense work-out, but time is short so efficiency is key. We need to get it done but in the least amount of time as possible.

Focus on Integrated movements – combine movements for efficiency

Squats with overhead press – Trainer Alicia Rose from Northwest Personal Training demonstrates how to combine movements

Squat & Pully Row

Lunge with curls

Pushup with Dumbbell Row

Combine strength with high intensity cardio bursts interspersed to get cardio and muscle on same day and maximize efficiencies

  • Set of Squats, Rows, Lunges, Pullups and then a 30-60 second sprint/jump rope/lateral agility shuffle etc.

How can parents with young kids stay fit-ish?

Walk/jog while kids are at soccer practice

Place your child in a pack or a trailer and go for a walk or bike ride

Take kids to the park and let them play while you use the playground equipment as your gym. Play tag, frisbee, hopscotch or pickup game of soccer/basketball with your kids

Plan active biking/hiking outings with kids, family & friends

How do get rid of ‘dad’ bod and fat around the belly?

Strength training is the best route to change body composition so get in at least 2 strength workouts including core per week. Also be careful of your alcohol consumption – maybe limit it to just 2-3 days per week!

How do you stay fit-ish in your 30s if you don’t have kids?

Definitely take advantage of this time of your life, explore and live life to the fullest

  • Trail running, rock-climbing, mountain biking, paddle boarding
  • Adventure travel – hike the grand canyon, cycle through wine country, backpack around Mt. Hood
  • Try trendy, new activities – trapeze, silks, axe throwing…

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Sherri McMillan

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