Take Advantage of Fall and Get Fit!

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It’s not as hot, kids are back to school, vacations are over and many people use this time to “Fall back into Fitness”. Here’s some easy tips to put ‘Fitness First for Fall’!

1. Take a Walk

Vancouver looks so beautiful right now with the leaves changing color.Schedule weekly walks along the trails on Officers Row and through Fort Vancouver, or along the waterfront trail especially the newly developed waterfront area, Salmon Creek, Lacamas Lake or Discovery Trails. These nature walks will be good for the mind, body and spirit!

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2. Go Hiking

We are so fortunate to live so close to incredible hiking trails in the Gorge, at Mount St Helen’s & Mount Hood and even within Forest Park. The colors and views and majestic so hit the trails to get fit.

3. Lift something Heavy!

When it’s raining outside, use this season as an opportunity to work on your muscle conditioning. The true fountain of youth is strength training because it slows down the loss of muscle mass and has a very positive impact to metabolism, bone density, posture, endurance and strength. Try for 2-3 times per week.

4. Take a class

When your workouts need to head indoors because the weather isn’t cooperating, it’s a perfect opportunity to try a Barre, Indoor Cycling, Indoor Rowing or Indoor Bootcamp class.

5. Stretch and Meditate

As the weather gets colder, head to a Hot Yoga class and use the time to lengthen, release and relax.

6. Join a Running Group

It’s tough to stay motivated to get your runs in during the colder, darker, rainier months so join a group to keep you accountable. We are fortunate in Vancouver to have many groups including:

Fleet Feet Training
Clark County Running Club
Vancouver Run, Grug & Chug Club
Active NW

7. Join a Cycling Group

Getting outside for a bike ride during the fall and winter months can be challenging. It’s great to have a group that you can rely on when there is a break in the weather and you can get out for a ride or a group of people that can inspire you when the weather just isn’t cooperating. Vancouver Bicycle Club is a group of local cyclists that host rides year-round so this is the group for you if you want to stay consistent with your riding throughout the entire year.

8. Try a new Indoor Activity

Think about something you’ve always wanted to do and go for it. Maybe it’s Indoor Rockclimbing at The Source in Downtown Vancouver, or maybe take a Ballroom Dancing class or try Boxing. Use the change in season to try something completely new.

9. Get 7-8 hours of good sleep every night

The days are getting darker so instead of fighting it, use the time to really focus on developing good sleeping habits. The importance of quality sleep to your health cannot be overstated! Poor sleep habits can increase weight gain and stress and decrease your energy and overall physical and mental performance. Develop a good sleep routine such as reading at night and/or turning off all electronic devices before bedtime.

10. Breathe!

Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning when it’s cold and dark. So take a minute or more each morning to focus on slow, deep breathing. Just this act of oxygenating your blood can bring forth wonderful health benefits.

So which of these 10 can you commit to?! Go for it – you deserve to look and feel your best for fall, all year and for your entire life!

Yours in health & fitness,
Sherri McMillan


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