Bedtime Exercise

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People’s cortisol levels, the stress hormone, are off the charts. Everyone is stressed due to Covid-19 for different reasons. Are the kids going back to school or at they not? If they are, what does that look like? If they aren’t, how are we going to manage that? Am I going back to work? If so, am I safe? If not, am I ok financially? Am I going to get sick? Is someone I love going to get sick? Could someone I love actually die? Is my business going to make it through this? Am I going to have to shut down for good? How can I keep my staff and customers safe?

It is a lot to manage and an emotional roller-coaster.

Last week, we discussed exercises you can do from your chair throughout your day to help manage some of the aches and pains from extended sitting that many are experiencing due to our current scenarios. Today, we’ll review exercises you can do from your bed at the end of a long day or to start your day. We need to take the time to stop, breath and reset – our health depends on it.

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This 5-minute plan can help minimize aches and pains, reduce tightness, improve circulation, reduce stress and calm your mind. Focus on slow, deep breathing while performing each movement.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Lie on your bed with your hips at the edge. Pull one leg into your torso and let the other leg hang off the bed towards the ground. Hold each leg for 30 seconds. You should feel this stretch in the front of your hips.



Glute/Hip Stretch

Lie on your bed, knees bent and put one foot over the other thigh. Then wrap your hands around one leg and pull both legs into your body. Hold each leg for 30 seconds. You should feel this stretch in your hips/buttocks.



Pillow Stretch

Lay out 2-3 pillows on your bed. Lie on your back over the pillows, with the pillows positioned at about the level of your shoulder blades. Stretch your arms over your head and relax and hold for 30 seconds. Then stretch your arms to the side, relax and hold for 30 seconds. You should feel this stretch in your chest, shoulders and upper back.


Deep Breathing

Take 2 minutes to focus on slow, deep breathing. Slowly breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Think about relaxing all the muscles in your body. Think about starting at your toes, wiggling and then relaxing and working your way up your body as you slowly contract and then relax your muscles all the way up to your head. Become aware of your senses and observe what you hear, feel or see. Take a few moments to think about the people you love, the things you appreciate and are grateful for. Consider downloading an app like “HEADSPACE” or “CALM” that can guide you through a short meditation session each night.

Taking some time to wind down at the end of your day or to wake up before you tackle whatever comes your way, can enhance your overall health and reduce your stress levels – something we all could benefit from!

Yours in health & fitness,
Sherri McMillan

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We specific safety precautions that we have in place so please watch this video where I explain everything we are doing to keep you safe.

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