12 Days of FITMAS

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It can be so challenging to keep your health and fitness a priority during the holidays. So to help keep you on track, I’m going to ask for you just 12 minutes per day over the 12 days prior to Christmas (The 12 Days of Fitmas!). Here is a simple, at-home workout that you can do anywhere, anytime and all it requires is 12 minutes. We can all commit to 12 minutes to keep our fitness in check, the typical holiday weight gain at bay and your spirits high during a typically stressful time of year.


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  • For cardio, you can choose walking, running, hiking, swimming, dance, biking and any type of activity that will get your heart pumping and your blood flowing.
  • For Lower body exercises, you can choose squats, lunges or step ups.
  • For Upper body exercises, you can choose push-ups, dips and/or use hand-weights (cans) and perform overhead presses and curls.
  • For Core exercises, you can choose planks, v-sits, crunches, rotations and bridging.
  • Remember to warm-up and cool down
  • Feel free to modify as needed









Day One
Dec 12
12 min of cardio (walk/run
Day Two
Dec 13
12 min of strength
(1 min of a lower body/upper body/core x 4)
Day Three
Dec 14
12 min of yoga,
Stretching, Meditating
Day Four
Dec 15
1 min each of cardio, lower body, upper body & core x 3 for 12 min workout

Day Five
Dec 16
12 min brisk walk outdoors

Day Six
Dec 17
1 min Cardio
1 min Strength
X 6 for a 12 min workout

Day Seven
Dec 18
12 slow deep breaths multiple times per day
Day Eight
Dec 19
Choose 12 exercises
Do each
40 sec H
20 sec Break for 12 min workout
Day Nine
Dec 20
12 min of yoga, stretching, meditation
Day Ten
Dec 21
Choose 12 exercises
Do each for 1 min with no breaks in between
Day Eleven
Dec 22
12 min brisk walk outdoors
Day Twelve Dec 23
Climb some stairs for 12 minutes (take breaks as needed to spread out throughout the day)

Dec 24
Go for a walk around your neighborhood looking at decorations

Dec 25
Do something active and fun with your family


Yours in health & fitness,
Sherri McMillan


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