10 Minute Holiday Workout – Week 1

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It can be a major challenge to get to the gym during the holidays between decorating, shopping, parties, and travelling. Well, no need to add to your stress because these 10 minute Holiday workouts will help you improve and maintain your fitness so you’re not starting from scratch in January!

Complete 20 reps of each of the following exercises and continue non-stop for 10 minutes. Try to get as many sets in as possible within the 10 minute time allotted. Remember to take a few minutes to warm up and cool down.

Some may question whether 10 minutes is enough to reap rewards, but if you go hard and strong, it will be a fabulous mini workout set and will definitely challenge your body! Over the next few weeks, I will provide you a number of these 10 minute Holiday workout sets so that you can mix it up and do a different set each time!

10 Minute Holiday BEDROOM WORKOUT

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This one you can do without even leaving your bedroom. Perfect if you have guests over and don’t want to disturb them!

Warm-up first.

Perform 20 reps of each of the following exercises and then repeat for 10 minutes.


Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Tighten your abdominal and buttock muscles and slowly lift your buttocks off the floor until your body weight is resting on the top of your shoulder blades and your knees and shoulders are in a straight line. Keep your hips square to the ceiling. Try to avoid letting your pelvis rotate. Slowly release down and repeat. Complete 20 reps

Push-ups with Hand Lift

molly_pushupcLmolly_pushupaie on your stomach. Position your hands on the floor a few inches beside your shoulder. Make sure that your elbows are directly over top or to the inside of your wrists. Keep your abdominals contracted and your back in its neutral position. Now slowly push up and then slowly return to the starting position. Once back in contact with the floor, use your back muscles to lift both hands off the floor. Continue with the push-ups and lift your hands off the floor in between each push-up. Complete 20 reps.

Full-Body Crunch

molly_bodycrunchaWhile laying on your back, hands behind your head lightly supporting the weight of your head, slowly crunch your body and bring your knees to elbows and elbows towards knees. Now straighten your legs out suspending them over the floor and reach hands overhead also suspending your hands over the floor. Exhale while returning knees and elbows. If you begin to strain or your low back lifts away from neutral position, simply extend your legs more towards the ceiling versus the floor. Complete 20 reps.

Mountain Climbers

img_9258img_9257 Start in a plank position on your hands and toes with your hands positioned under your elbows/shoulders and you spine elongated and a straight line from head to toe. Keep your core stable and strong while quickly alternating and driving your knees towards your chest. Complete 20 reps (10x each leg).


Enjoy your holiday season, have fun and stay healthy and fit!

Yours in Health & Fitness,
Sherri McMillan

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