Staying Fit in the Heat

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Sherri Moutain BikeWith the mercury hitting 90 degrees so many days in a row in the NW, it’s causing lethargy in even the most energetic fitness fanatics. Here’s some tips to keep your energy high and your fitness routine in check when you just can’t handle the heat!

Find the AC

There are plenty of fitness opportunities that will keep you cool.  Your local gym, training studio and rock-climbing center will all have you feeling nice and cool while you’re sweating buckets!

Head to The Water

Swimming is a fabulous workout and a great way to stay cool. Kayaking, paddle-boarding, wake-boarding & water skiing are all fabulous water sports that will keep your temperature down.

Seek Refuge in the Mountains

Often you can escape the heat by heading to elevation and the shade on the trails from the tree canopies.



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Head to Your Local Park

Parks often provide plenty of trees and shade to keep you cooler.

Go Riding

Biking is a great workout and since you’re riding at fast speeds, the air moving over your body will keep you cooler than say a run in the heat.

Dawn or Dusk

Plan your workouts early in the morning or late in the evening to escape the heat of the day.

Wear the Right Gear

Choose gear that wicks away moisture which will help to keep you cool while exercising.  Avoid cotton.

Drink Water

Staying hydrated will help you feel cool.  Pouring water over your head like elite marathoners do also works to keep your core temperature down when working out in the heat.

Pace Yourself

Your body is already working overtime to manage the heat so it’s typically not a good idea to push the pace on a hot day.  Just getting through the workout is accomplishment enough!

Staying consistent over the summer is critical to maintaining your fitness and avoiding having to start from scratch in September!

Yours in health & fitness,
Sherri McMillan

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