Look Outside For Your Gym

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35720456_10156423236973607_7849563336332017664_nWhen the weather is amazing, take advantage of it and get your workout in while enjoying the beauty and fresh air. No Gym = No Problem. The outdoors can be your gym!

Here’s some things to look for when you’re outside that equate to an incredible full body workout.

  1. Stairs – If you’re looking for a high intensity workout, look no further than a set of stairs. You’ll work your cardiovascular system and condition your legs. You can run or walk the stairs and either way, you’ll be huffing and puffing right out of the starting gates.
  2. Hill – Find a short hill and do repeats for an incredible cardio workout.
  3. Park – Any community park is a fabulous location for a full body workout. You can use the monkey bars for chin-ups. A bench or step is great for performing step ups or box jumps. You can climb or jump your way to a fitter you.
  4. Curbs – You can use a curb to perform stepups, running up and down or modified burpees.
  5. Rocks – Heavy rocks can be lifted overhead or pressed for upper body strength.
  6. Sand – Sand running or performing walking lunges or squats in the sand can develop leg and ankle strength and stability.
  7. Poles – You can wrap an exercise tube around a pole or tree and perform rows, presses, torso rotations and more.
  8. Bench – Rather than just sitting on it, try some Tricep Dips, Bicycles or Stepups.
  9. Log – You can stand on it on one leg to condition your balance system or try stepping up and down onto it or hold a V-position for your core.
  10. Trees – You can pull or push against a tree or you can wrap tubes around a tree to perform pulls and presses.

If you don’t have a gym membership, you now have no excuses to get your workout in. Enjoy the scenery!

Yours in health & fitness,
Sherri McMillan


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