Go For Fit - The Winning Way to Fat Loss

This interactive workbook will provide you with numerous questionnaires, assessment forms, homework assignments, drills and nutrition and activity logs to help you help your client achieve their fat loss goals. This book will provide you with everything you need to know to understand fully the psychology and physiology of fat loss. Award-winning personal trainer Sherri McMillan offers separate sections that deal with:

  • The psychology of Fat Loss
  • Tips on Nutrition
  • Behavioral and lifestyle changes required to make a lasting difference
  • Cardiovascular exercise and resistance training designed to keep fat off

Throughout this helpful book, chock-full of options, Sherri’s upbeat, positive words of encouragement will help you inspire your clients to attain the fitness level they desire.

Book Excerpts: Introduction (pdf) & Sample Chapter (pdf)
Price: $15.95 US Add Item to Shopping Cart Author: Sherri McMillan

What others say:

  • "Sherri has a real knack for taking cumbersome concepts and breaking them down into understandable chunks of information. She does a tremendous job of educating everyday people about the importance of healthy living by giving them real life solutions to common wellness challenges. Her sense of humor and down to earth sincerity make her a top fitness educator and author, for both fitness professionals and the consumer."
    Sharon Donaldson, Association Director, CanFitPro
  • "Sherri’s experience and knowledge as a fitness trainer is extensive. She combines a good, solid common-sense approach with scientific knowledge and proven principles of exercise. Her understanding of how to motivate people has really helped me to achieve and maintain my health goals."
    Rick Hansen - Man in Motion
  • "Go For Fit is the first honest, realistic book on achieving the quality of life we all seek. Sherri gives us gold medal tools to reach our comfortable fitness levels and feel good about ourselves. She is our mentor-coach; we become our own personal trainer. It’s a winning formula!"
    Doug and Diane Clement, MD., Canadian Olympic Athletes
  • "Sherri is creative, energetic and inspirational. In additional to all the positive and practical things you will get from reading this book, you will learn that life is meant to be enjoyed. Sherri has an appreciation of life that is infectious!"
    Maureen Hagan, National Director of Fitness, The GoodLife Fitness Clubs
  • "Sherri is a leader in the personal training field and a worthy recipient of IDEA’s first Personal Trainer of the Year Award."
    Kathie Davis, Executive Director, IDEA: The Health & Fitness Source


There’s not much we can do to stop hair from going gray and wrinkles from setting in (no matter how hard we try to hide them!). Fortunately for those who wish to remain younger longer, many of the other changes commonly attributed to the process of aging are, in fact, the result of physical inactivity.

Written by an award-winning personal trainer, Sherri McMillan, this results-minded guide shows simple ways to maintain youthfulness, health, and vigor. From body fat and bone density to sleep patterns and memory function, McMillan covers the wide range of changes associated with aging, identifying which can be slowed or even reversed through cardiovascular and muscle conditioning as well as good nutrition, relaxation and stress management. Fit Over Forty reveals the top ten strategies for fighting the aging process and offers readers a complete program of diet and exercise routines that can be followed on a weekly or monthly basis that will develop a lifetime of fitness. Over 100 illustrations, tables, and worksheets are included.

Book Excerpts: Introduction (pdf) & Sample Chapter (pdf)
Price: $15.95 US
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Author: Sherri McMillan

Heart Rate Monitor - Polar FT7

Make sure you’re training in the right zone. Say good-bye to guessing whether you’re training too hard, too light or just right. A must for those wanting to lose body fat!

Polar FT7 Features include:

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  • Training Load - helps you find the perfect balance between rest and training
  • Provides data transfer with PC and Mac computers and compatibility with via Polar FlowLink

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Resistance Tubes

Perfect for home, business trips or vacation. You can train every part of your body with these light, easy-to-pack resistance bands. Don’t leave home without one.

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This elastic band is designed specifically for toning and conditioning the lower body. Since its light and easy-to-pack, its perfect for home or travel use.

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