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Your Neck & Shoulders: Strategies for a Stronger, Happier, and Healthier Upper Body
Event Date(s):   04/19/2019 @ Fridays, 11:00am - 12:00pm - 05/10/2019
Do You Have Neck & Shoulder Pain?

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General Event Details:
04/19/2019 @ Fridays, 11:00am - 12:00pm - 05/10/2019
Dr. Jeni Is Here To Help With That!

In this 4-week series, you will learn exercises and daily movement strategies to maximize your training sessions, reduce time for recovery, and know how to adapt when you are not working one on one with a trainer or group fitness instructor. We will explore habitual movement patterns, dynamic warm-ups and "pre-practice" exercises to use before and between training sessions, and how to optimize your ab and core work to provide a foundation for healthy movement in the upper back, shoulders, and neck.

Week One: Integrating the Torso and Rib Cage
How you look around with your eyes and reach with your arms is influenced by the movement of your torso and rib cage. Learn to integrate movement of your full spine when looking up, down, left and right and while reaching in all directions to reduce repetitive stress injuries and pain in your joints. You will learn a floor mobility routine as well as exercises you can do from a seated position at the gym, home or work. 

Week Two: Stacking the Spine to Support the Arms
A "stacked up" spine could be the key to happy necks and shoulders. Explore how posture and walking style might contribute to tired arms and backs, poor progress in overhead strength development, pinched nerves, rotator cuff injuries, and even frozen shoulder. Learn how to recognize your optimal posture and exercises to practice in the care, at work, and while working out. This session will also include a guided series on the foam roller for posture and core stabilization. 

Week Three: Foam Rolling for Myofascial Release + Posture and Core Stability
This session is two workshops in one! We will cover best practice for foam rolling the upper body and using the roller to gently decompress the neck. You will also be guided through a posture and core stability series on the roller that can be used before strength training, during active recovery days, and to optimize your shoulder blade and arm movements.

Week Four: Fine Tuning for a Healthy Rotator Cuff 
A finely tuned balance between mobility and stability is key to staying healthy in the shoulder and protecting your neck from stress and injury. Learn what this means for you and how to adapt your overhead exercises, TRX progressions, push-ups, planks and weightlifting to protect your neck and shoulders while making strength and fitness gains. Crawl, hang and lift your way through this fun exploration of your favorite upper body exercises. 

Dr. Jeni Gall is a Physical Therapist, Orthopedic Movement Specialist, MovNat Certified Trainer.

Northwest Personal Training
1011 Broadway
Vancouver, Wa 98660
$99 for 4-week series

$30 Drop-Ins

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