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Spring Makeover Challenge
Event Date(s):   04/19/2017 @ 24/7 - 06/03/2017

It’s time to shed those winter pounds and get ready for Summer…

General Event Details:
04/19/2017 @ 24/7 - 06/03/2017
We've designed a challenge to help you ramp up your health and fitness plan to get you looking and feeling your BEST just in time for Summer!

Our average participant loses 10 pounds and many lose 20-30 pounds!
Take the challenge with us and achieve AMAZING RESULTS!

LAUNCH PARTY Wednesday April 19th 6:45pm-7:45pm at Northwest Personal Training

How does the challenge work?
 Everyone will be assigned to a trainer’s group and the groups will compete against each other throughout the challenge.  You can either be randomly assigned to a trainer’s group or request a certain trainer. You can make this challenge as self-motivated as you like or you can utilize our services to help you through the process and maximize your results. Weekly weigh-ins are required so we can check your progress, and adjust your plan accordingly. Your team trainer is here to help you stay motivated and answer any fitness questions that you might have.

The program will be launched Wednesday April 19th at our Vancouver studio.
  At the program launch you will be weighed in and provided with exercise and nutrition guidelines to help you transform your body!  Note: If for whatever reason you cannot make it to the program launch, you must be weighed in at the Vancouver studio between April 20th—April 30th unless otherwise arranged.

Initial Weigh-In will occur between April 19th and April 29th. Your team leader does NOT need to be present for this weigh-in. All weigh-in's will be tracked at the front desk with our Customer Service staff.
The final weigh-in
 will occur between May 29th and June 3rd at Vancouver studio unless otherwise arranged.  All results must be in by June 3rd at the very latest with no exceptions in order to calculate results.

The team with the greatest percentage weight lost will be deemed the winning team (although everyone is a winner in our books!).  Bragging rights go to the Personal Trainer with the winning team! 

Are there any criteria for entering the challenge?
 You should be in a position where you need to lose at least 10 pounds or more.  Our intentions are that this challenge will help our clients reach for their best and not be an initiative that has a negative effect on self-esteem and body image.  All of the expectations of the challenge are designed to improve overall health and fitness and are not short-term, quick-fixes.  You will automatically be disqualified if caught utilizing any non-healthy techniques (i.e. extreme caloric deprivation, laxatives, diet pills, dehydration techniques etc)  The benefit of this type of program is that it will provide you the guidance, motivation, and accountability to jump-start your program and help you shed any excess winter weight.  Many clients experience amazing results during this yearly challenge just because they know their team is counting on them.  There’s nothing like good old fashioned peer pressure!

Non-clients are welcome to participate!

You will be assigned to a trainer’s group and the groups will compete against each other throughout the challenge.

Northwest Personal Training
1011 Broadway
Vancouver, Wa 98660


Pick an Option that works with your needs and call or come in today to make the commitment!

Flying Solo:
I know what I need to do.  Just give me a finisher’s gift, weigh me in, and I’m good to go. The competition is all I need to keep me going. 
Cost:  $49

 In addition to a finisher’s gift, can you please provide me with a NWPT Results Manual and take my pre and post girth and body fat measurements (2-30 minute appointments). 
Cost:  $99

 I’m new around here and this will be a great opportunity to get me started on a trial membership.  Please provide me with a Group Training membership during the challenge in addition to the finisher’s gift, NWPT Results Manual and pre and post measurements (2-30 minute appointments). 
Cost:  $199

Coach Me:
Help me through this process.  Includes finisher’s gift, NWPT Results Manual, Pre/Post Measurements (2-30 min appts), and 12-30 minute private training sessions (suggested 2 sessions/week).

Cost—Members: $559 
Non-members:  $649 (includes Group Training membership during challenge)

Guide me closely on this journey.  Includes finisher’s gift,  NWPT Results Manual, Pre/Post Measurements (2-30 min appts), and 12-60 minute private training sessions (suggested 2 sessions/week).

Cost—Members: $989
Non–members:  $1089 (includes Group Training membership during challenge)

♥ Inspire a Friend ♥:  Motivate a non-NWPT buddy to join & you BOTH get 10% off entry fee!

Cost Includes:

Besides the health benefits and bragging rights… each week we are going to reward the individual that loses the most weight with a gift… a $25 NWPT gift certificate!

All participants will receive your finishers’ gift at the end of the challenge! YEAH!



Contact Me About This Event:
Contact Me!Click here if you would like us to contact you regarding general event information or registration, if applicable.

Other Event Information:
Special Instructions:

Marijka & Judith - Raw Food Detox

Why eat raw? 

• You'll experience weight loss
• Clearer skin
• More energy
• Regular bowel movements
• Mental clarity
• AND more!

While it will take a TEAM effort to win this challenge, each person will be working at their own, personal level. A quick and easy questionnaire will determine where you will start, and over the next 6 weeks you will gradually transition into a raw food diet. This is a great opportunity to break some bad eating habits that you may have picked up from the holidays.

Join me on a journey of a healthier you! 

Derrick & Nathan
In order to “Makeover” your body you must makeover your mind! On Nathan and Derrick’s team you will get the education and support you need to change how you think of food and how to make choices which truly nourish your wellbeing. Upgrade your health, fitness, and happiness!

- “It’s Time to Get Real”
We will be eliminating all of the excess from our diets… no sugar, no alcohol all HEALTHY eating. You will cut calories safely and massively increase your cardio/workouts... plus some OTHER fun, top secret stuff!

Rob & Alicia - Hard Bodies, if you really want to lose a lot of fat fast.
Rob’s system is hard and time consuming. The daily demands are physically challenging and your caloric intake is minimal. No Alcohol, no sugar, super hydration and all the veggies you can eat all day. Robs Hard Body system is a tried and proven success every year. So if you can stay focused and are mentally tough for 6-weeks and want best possible results, Join this award winning team of fat burning machines.

Leah’s - Lean Mean Awesome Team
On this team we will be taking a determined-to-succeed, strict approach to weight loss. Cutting all the unnecessary garbage from our diets, while eating only whole unprocessed foods.

Molly & Jolene
We are not quick, cheap and easy so our food shouldn't be either!

This whole food, no processed food plan revolves around those who are busy and need some extra planning ahead to be successful. Meal prepping and planning ahead of time sets us up for success.

Alex & Jamie Team
While battling with weight it is easy to forget how good you can feel, its never a better time than now to start feeling your best. Whether it’s more pep in your step, longevity, feeling or just feeling more comfortable in your own skin we can help. Over the next 6-weeks we will assist you in the design of a detailed and sustainable plan of action for your exercise regime, dietary needs and lifestyle choices! We aren’t saying it’s going to be easy, however it is easier with passionate and experienced coaches.  We will be here for you every step of the way! Make the commitment to lose weight, get rid of some bad habits and get ready to feel amazing...just in time for summer.

Cody & Adam -
You know what all Fad Diets have in common? None of them are based off Medical Literature. Fad diets are just a way to take your money. And guess what? They don't work. If you want to learn what the research says about nutrition and how to create long lasting results, health and happiness, this is your team.

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." -Z. Ziglar

Mutts & Mimosas

April 11, 2020

Get outside and raise funds for the Humane Society!
sign up for our complimentary initial personal training session and one week of group classes