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Hike Dog Mountain
Event Date(s):   07/07/2019 @ Meet at Trailhead at 9:00 am
Enjoy the GREAT Northwest with NWPT!

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07/07/2019 @ Meet at Trailhead at 9:00 am
Get Fit & Have Fun!
Experience the wonder of the Columbia River Gorge, as you traverse through fields of wildflowers and breathtaking lookouts. But don't let this charming mountain fool you, she as a difficult climb ahead promising 6.9 miles of ups and downs with a 2,800 ft elevation gain, she will have you begging for mercy, but the reward at the top is well worth the effort!
  • Drive I-84 east to Exit 44 for Cascade Locks and Stevenson. After exiting, go 0.4 miles, and turn right for the Bridge of the Gods Toll Bridge and Stevenson.

    Drive 0.7 miles to pay the $2 toll, cross the Columbia River, and reach the junction with Highway 14.

    Turn right here for Stevenson and Kennewick, and drive east on Highway 14 for 12.3 miles, passing through Stevenson and Home Valley, to pull into the large parking area for the Dog Mountain trail on your left.

    There are 70 spots in the newly laid out - 2016 - parking lot. On weekends from the beginning of May to mid-October, Gorge WET (West End Transit) runs a bus between Fisher's Landing Transit Center (Vancouver), Stevenson, and Carson that stops at the Dog Mountain Trailhead four times a day.

$20 for Non-Members
$15 for members

*Discovery Pass not included.
What to Bring:
What to bring & wear?
  • Nylon or polyester clothes

  • Quick dry shorts if it's hot and quick dry pants if it's cool

  • A good pair of hiking boots and socks

  • Hat and Sunscreen (Remember your camera!)

  • Pack a windbreaker or rain jacket in the event of rain

  • Pack a change of clothing in the event it gets cold and you want to change out of your wet gear

  • Please do not wear any perfume, heavy deodorant or lotions What to bring to eat and drink?

  • Trail mix/Dried fruit while hiking

  • For lunch, good items include bagels with cream cheese or peanut butter, fruit, cheese & crackers, jerky, Energy Bars, etc...

  • Water (bring about 2 quarts)

    What to bring for safety?

  • First Aid Kit including Band-Aids, Bug repellant, Matches, and Flashlight. And don't forget some Toilet paper.

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