Body Mass Index Calculator

Maintaining a healthy weight is perhaps the single most important step you can take toward optimal health and long life. Calculating your BMI is a good rough indicator of your current weight and general condition.

(numbers only - EG: 115.5 or 165)


(numbers only - EG: 66 or 69.2)


  • Your BMI is a crude measurement of your body weight in reference to your height:

    BMI: Indicates:

    Less than 18
    Indicates that you are under weight and may be associated with health problems for some people.
    Indicates you are at a healthy weight.
    Suggests that you are overweight for your height and may lead to health problems for some people.
    Greater than 30
    Indicates obesity and increasing risk of developing health problems
    Warning: The BMI is a pretty good indicator for the average person from age 25 to 65. But it has its limitations. It does not take into account muscle mass or your overall body type ("apple" vs. "pear" body types).

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