Spring Into Shape For Summer – Week Nine

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We’ve been at this for 2 months now and you should be in better shape and experiencing improved fitness, strength and energy! If you haven’t started yet, go back through prior weeks and start today. You deserve to look and feel your best!


Continue what we’ve been focusing on and this week, add 1-2 really long, low intensity workouts.  This type of training will really develop your aerobic fitness.  For example, go for an hour plus walk, hike or bike ride.

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Muscle Conditioning

This week, choose from the exercises we’ve learned so far and perform them in a different order but staying with the same Lower Body, Upper Body and Core Exercise theme. So if you’ve done the Squat, Pushup and Vsit sequence first, do that sequence last. Just mix it up.

Complete 8-15 reps of each exercise two to three times this week on alternating days. (Beg: 1 set,  Inter: 2 sets,  Adv: 3 sets). Move quickly from exercise to exercise.

As a reminder, here is what we have reviewed so far…Squats, pushups, v-sits, lunges, rows, planks, step ups, pull ups, ‘Dead Bug’ stabilization, 1 leg squats, shoulder press, bridging. Plie Squats, External Rotation, Opposite Arm/Leg lifts, Ball Hamstring Curls, Reverse Fliers, Oblique Crunches, Lateral Side to Side Steps, Tricep pressdowns, Side planks, Balance exercise, 1 Leg Bicep Curl and Tubing Torso Rotation.

In addition, this week focus on contracting your abdominals up and inwards (sucking it in) whenever you think about it. Make sure you can still breathe comfortably. Start with 30 seconds at your desk, in your car, or waiting in lines and continue increasing the length of time you can engage your abdominals throughout the day.


stretch cobraplankadownward dogToday, try the following Mobility Sequence. Start by standing tall. Breathe. Now slowly lunge one leg back into a Strong Warrior pose. Clasp your hands together and point your pointer fingers up and behind you. Lengthen your spine. Then slowly drop your hands to either side of your front foot about shoulder width apart and step your front leg back so you are in a strong, plank position. Breathe. Now slowly pike your hips up towards the ceiling into Downward Dog and lengthen your spine and your legs and press your heals towards the ground. Breathe. Now slowly go back into the plank position. Breathe. Now slowly drop your hips into Upward Dog/Cobra, lengthen your spine and press your shoulders down away from your ears. Come back to plank and then slowly jump or walk your hands back to your feet. Stand tall and repeat on the other leg. Repeat 3x on each side.


Try to avoid eating too late at night. Often it requires some discipline to avoid mindless snacking and additional, excessive calories.

Helpful Strategies

Focus on getting enough sleep this week.  Sleep is your body’s way to recover and repair itself and is critical to fat loss and your health.

Yours in health & fitness,
Sherri McMillan 

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