Should you sleep in or are you being lazy?

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Your alarm goes off so you can get up for your morning workout. But you’re tired so you press the snooze button and decide to sleep in. Are you being lazy or doing the right thing? Here’s a few guidelines to help you decide.

  1. Energy creates energy. If you’re tired instead of saying “I’m too tired to exercise!” instead say “I’m so tired today, I really NEED to exercise!” Even a quick, easy workout will wake you up, get the endorphins flowing and make you feel great about yourself. You just have to change your mind-set.
  2. Watch the clock. Research shows we need 7 plus hours to achieve optimal health and maximize fat loss. So if you’re well below 7 hours, it may be better for you to get a bit more shut-eye and workout later in the day.
  3. Let your body decide. One of our friends uses this guideline to help her. When the alarm goes off, if she falls immediately back to sleep, it tells her her body really needs a little more time to repair and recover. But if she just lays there awake pondering whether she should get up, then she knows she’s just being lazy and she should get up and workout.
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