Planning For Summer Vacation Schedule

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week 2 singleLegSquats2In less than a month, all our lovely, little rugrats will be out of school causing parents to struggle with trying to maintain their consistency with their exercise routines.

Many people feel forced to take a two month sabbatical and get back on track in the fall because they can’t seem to find the time to get to the gym. But it doesn’t have to be this way!  Why let all your fitness go to waste over the summer and have to start from scratch in the fall?!

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Start planning now to assure you have a strategy in place to stick to your routine and stay in great shape all summer.

Workout Early in the Morning

Depending on when your kids typically wake up, set your alarm an hour earlier so you can get your workouts done before they even get out of bed. You’ll stay consistent, feel great each day and have a ton of energy to keep up with the kids once they hit the ground running.

Trade Off

You probably have some friends who are dealing with the same struggle. Make a deal that you’ll host the play dates 2-3x per week and they will do the same so you each enjoy some uninterrupted workout time.

The Park Becomes Your Gym

Head to the park with your kids and use the jungle gym and benches to perform step ups, pull ups, lunges, pushups and dips while they play.

Play With Your Kids

A game of tag, Frisbee, or pick-up basketball can be some fun quality time with your kids and a great workout too!

Hiking and Biking Adventures

Explore with your kids and get them outdoors hiking and biking to maintain some great activity each day and set a great example of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Walk It Out

Increase your walking as a family. Walk to do errands, walk around your neighborhood after dinner and walk your community to explore and enjoy a STAY-cation.

Look for programs that include the kids and Mom & Dad

Many businesses understand that the struggle is real and will schedule programs simultaneously for parents and kids. For example, there might be a CrossFit for Kids at the same time as an Adult Bootcamp and you can enroll the entire family. Or perhaps, there’s a swim program scheduled for the kids while Mom takes Zumba or maybe there’s a Football Clinic at a park where Dad can jog the loop around the park.

So start today, review your options and look for opportunities to stick to your workouts all summer long. Trust me, if your health is important to you and if there is a will, there is a way!

Yours in health & fitness,
Sherri McMillan

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