Park Workout – Week 3

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Strength and Cardio Interval Workout

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve been reviewing exercises you can do at the park. Today we’ll continue using nothing more than your body weight and the playground apparatus. So remember that the park is your gym and you can give yourself an incredible workout while the kids play.  Meet your girlfriends or your buds at a set time a few times a week so the kids can play and you all can workout together.

Today’s workout will involve a cardio exercise in between each strength move. Remember to warm-up before you start your workout.

Step Ups

At any park, there will be a bench, step or a place to elevate your foot and perform step-ups.  Position yourself in front of the bench with one foot up.  Keep your kneecap facing forward and your weight distributed on all four corners of your foot.  Now slowly step up extending the supporting knee into a fully upright, balanced position.  Now slowly lower yourself down to the starting position. Perform 8-20 reps on each leg. This is a great exercise for your legs and booty!


Step or jump quickly side to side for one minute


On your knees or toes, drop and do 8-20 good, old-fashioned military pushups. You can put your hands on a bench or step to make it easier to get a full set in.  This is a great exercise for your chest, shoulders, triceps and core.



Do jumping jacks for one minute.


Sit upright on a bench with perfect posture.  Now slowly recline back a few inches while keeping your abdominals contracted and your spine elongated.  Hold the position while slowly rotating from one side to the other.   Repeat for 30-60 seconds and then relax. Awesome exercise for your core.




Find a curb or bench and quickly step up and down for 30 seconds each leg.

Repeat the above set one time if you’re just getting started. Complete it twice, if you’re intermediate. Complete it 3x if you’re advanced.

Yours in health & fitness,
Sherri McMillan

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