Love Yourself Fitness & Training Program – Week 3

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Dear clients, family and friends,

Two important messages in today’s blog.

1. Change your mind-set. I hear people often say “I’m so tired today, I don’t have the energy to workout!” Instead you should say the exact opposite. “I’m so tired and have no energy so I NEED to workout!” Energy creates energy. Almost 100% of the time, you are going to feel so amazing when you are done!

2. Ask the right question! People will often consider “Should I workout today?” That is the wrong question because the answer to that question should always be yes! You should always try to move your body every single day – unless of course under unusual circumstances like if you’re really sick. It doesn’t mean you have to have a hard workout everyday but you should do something active everyday. Instead of asking yourself whether you should workout, instead ask “What type of workout should I do today?” because you will do something!

Cardiovascular conditioning: Focus on consistency this week. Get at least 3 cardio workouts in of various lengths and intensities.

Beginner: 3x/week

Intermediate: 4x/week

Advanced: 5x/week

Muscle Conditioning: Follow along with today’s routine. Today you will need an exercise tube with handles – you can purchase at Target, a sporting good store or online at  We also use a staircase today but if you don’t have one in your house, you can still follow the program without.  Beginners complete one set, intermediate complete two sets and advanced complete three sets.

If you cannot view the video clip above, cut and paste the following link into your browser.

Nutrition: Eat 5 small meals and snacks everyday instead of 2-3 big ones.  Have a nutritious breakfast, a mid-morning snack like an apple and walnuts, a healthy lunch like a soup and sandwich, a mid-afternoon snack like a cup of yogurt and granola and a nutritious dinner like a vegetable and rice stir-fry.

Helpful tip: Set one small goal every day.  For example, on Tuesday your goal may be to finish your 30 minute walk.  On Wednesday, your goal may be to drink 8 glasses of water.  And Thursday, your goal may be to do your muscle-conditioning exercises.

Take it one day at a time!

Have a wonderful week!

Yours in health and fitness,

Sherri McMillan

ps. My 9 year old daughter Brianna filmed this footage so excuse our amateur approach. But I have ulterior motives for her…maybe she’s listening??!! I did have to edit out a few of her comments “MOM, Are we almost done?!” and “Mom, how many more exercises are you going to make them do??!!” etc…

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