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Last week, we discussed the importance of setting your intentions for 2022 and establishing structure to assure you manifest those ambitions. It is clear that setting goals is not enough. People set goals all the time and never achieve them.

In fact, they set the same goals repeatedly with no success. So, if you’d like to restructure your life in a way that allows you to become the best version of you, go back and review last week’s blog. Today, we expand on those concepts.

I’ve encouraged you to avoid setting weight-loss goals. Instead, ask yourself what the action steps are you need to take to achieve your healthy body weight. Let’s take it a step further.

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No matter what your goal is, ask yourself what someone would do who has already achieved that goal:

If your goal is to be healthy, ask yourself ‘what does a healthy person do?’ and do those things.

If your goal is to have a strong relationship with your partner, ask yourself ‘what do happy and successful couples do?’ and do those things.

If your goal is to become successful in your profession, ask yourself ‘what would someone who is at the top of your field do?’ and do those things.

If your goal is to become a millionaire, ask yourself ‘what would a millionaire do?’ and do those things.

Do these things consistently and you will become what you desire. It is not goals that produce results, it is action!

Let’s take the goal of becoming healthy as an example. Here are some examples of habits and behaviors that healthy people might do on a regular basis:

Move their body everyday

Incorporate strength training twice per week

Incorporate mobility and stretching into weekly fitness routine

Workout first thing in the morning or at a time they can be consistent

Schedule workouts into their calendar

Establish workout accountability with a trainer, friend, class, or club

Fill a water bottle first thing in the morning and sip from it all day

Eat vegetables at every meal

Grocery shop at least once per week

Purchase foods that are mostly non-processed

Meal prep on Sunday to plan for the week

Remove any temptations from house, work, and car

Avoid eating 3 hours before bedtime

Establish boundaries on drinking alcohol

Create a bedtime routine to maximize sleep 

Incorporate stress-reduction habits daily such as deep breathing, reading, listening to calming music, yoga, meditation etc

Start doing some of these things on a daily, consistent basis. Make them a habit. Soon you will doing what healthy people do regularly and guess what happens? You become healthy! Your habits determine your reality and your results!

Here’s to your best YOU in ’22! 

Yours in health & fitness,
Sherri McMillan


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