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Love Yourself Fitness and Training program – Week 1

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today we launch the “Love Yourself” Fitness and Training program and what better day to start taking better care of yourself than on Valentine’s Day!  You are the only person you are going to be with every day and every moment of your entire life and your health is your most important…

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FREE ‘Love Yourself’ Fitness and Nutrition Program starts next Monday!

Dear Clients, Friends and Family, Next Monday is Valentine’s Day.  In honor of this special day, I am going to launch a ‘Love Yourself’ fitness program.  Every week, I will provide you with exercise and nutrition tips and live video clips that you can follow along with anywhere – home, work, hotel… To help you…

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4 Stretches to do if you’re super tight!

Stretching offers numerous health benefits, unfortunately, most people either don’t stretch correctly, long enough or skip it all together. The most neglected component of fitness is stretching and for those who are the most tight, stretching is usually such an uncomfortable experience that they avoid it all costs. After working in the fitness industry and…

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